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Should You Get Professional Help While Grieving Loss Of Loved One?
Jul 21, 2021 12:19:33 PM

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking.

What Is The Legal "Right To Be Forgotten?"
Jul 20, 2021 11:23:53 AM

The right to be forgotten is the person's right to have his or her personal information removed from public databases and search engines once it’s no longer relevant.

Researchers Discover Algae With Three Sexes
Jul 15, 2021 10:00:52 AM

Researchers have found three different sexes in an algae species found in a Japanese river.

How You Can Regain Your Sense Of Taste And Smell After COVID-19
Jul 15, 2021 09:59:44 AM

Many have experienced loss of taste and smell after getting Covid-19. While some have gotten it back quickly, others are still struggling.

Why Does Monsoon Season Make Our Hair Frizzy?
Jul 14, 2021 09:17:00 AM

The monsoon season often messes up our hair, making it frizzy even after long hours of care.

What Is Cyberbullying And How Does It Affect Is?
Jul 14, 2021 09:15:24 AM

Cyberbullying is a form of harassment that happens through online media and is a fastly spreading problem.

How To Protect Your Skin From Waterproof Makeup And Monsoon Season
Jul 12, 2021 03:07:26 PM

Waterproof makeup has proven to be useful during the monsoon season.

Ajinomoto : Good or Bad?
Jul 12, 2021 03:05:40 PM

It is a natural amino acid and is found in most asian foods. However it has no proteins, fats or any nutritional value which raises questions about its safety.

Why Balance Of Power Is Important In Relationships
Jul 09, 2021 03:31:41 PM

Happy relationships need to be all about being in sync with each other, physically, emotionally and financially and to face challenges and arguments too.

Why Does Our Mind Go Blank?
Jul 03, 2021 09:37:00 AM

This happened to both sleep deprived and well rested people.

Reading On Paper Is More Effective for Memory Than Off-Screen: Study
Jul 01, 2021 12:01:02 PM

With the onset of COVID-19 it has been almost impossible to access books through libraries and bookstores as they were suddenly closed. Therefore many have turned to reading books through their screens.

Why Women Should Communicate With Female Friends More
Jun 30, 2021 12:12:31 PM

A recent study by the researchers at the Beckman Institute for advanced science and technology found that communicating with your female friends decreases the stress hormone levels for women.