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How Novel Coronavirus Seizes The Human Cells: Study
Jan 22, 2021 02:13:58 PM

How Novel Coronavirus Seizes The Human Cells: Study

Recently Named 'Kamalam', Here Are Health Benefits Of Dragonfruit
Jan 21, 2021 12:43:44 PM

The Gujarat administration recently named Dragonfruit as 'Kamalam.'

Is There A Link Between Magnesium And Depression?
Jan 18, 2021 01:44:13 PM

Magnesium plays several crucial roles in the human body such as biochemical reactions like muscle and nerve function, regulation of blood pressure, protein synthesis, and blood glucose control.

How Thyroid Imbalance Affect Women During Pregnancy
Jan 12, 2021 01:56:50 PM

Thyroid disease is a medical condition that is related to the thyroid gland and there are two major issues.

Here Are Some Diet Mistakes That You Should Care About
Jan 08, 2021 02:05:40 PM

Here Are Some Of Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid

Why It's Harmful To Consume Fruits Before Going To Bed
Jan 08, 2021 02:04:01 PM

People have a tendency to eat fruits before going to bed. Or they skip dinner and have fruit items instead. This is a harmful practice that can harm your body.

What To Do To Avoid Experiencing Heartburn
Jan 06, 2021 04:13:20 PM

GERD is a burning sensation that takes over the abdomen and moves towards the chest.

Stop Negative Self-Talk For Better Mental Health
Dec 29, 2020 01:25:49 PM

Dr Rahul Khemani, a psychiatrist, said that when this inner voice becomes negative then it will affect a person's confidence and overall mental health.

Why It Is Important To Clean Vagina After Urinating
Dec 23, 2020 04:46:54 PM

It is important for women to clean their vagina after urinating to prevent possible infections including the possible risk of urinary tract infections (UTI).

How Loneliness Affects A Person's Brain
Dec 17, 2020 04:53:28 PM

Default networks of lonely people were more strongly wired together and grey matter volume in such regions was greater.

Black Tea Or Black Coffee: Which Is A Better Choice?
Dec 14, 2020 02:19:34 PM

Both black tea and black coffee are popular beverages. But, which drink is safe to consume is a matter of debate in terms of its caffeine content.

Reduce These Food Items To Avoid Hypertension During Pregnancy
Dec 12, 2020 04:22:54 PM

Avoiding or reducing the intake of certain food items can help in reducing the risks of hypertension.