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Hookah Smoking Increases Heart Attack Risk And Blood Clots
Jan 16 2020 11:57:33 AM

People who are addicted to Hookah are vulnerable to heart attacks, blood clots and strokes, according to a study published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

Occupational Burnout Linked With Heart Arrhythmia
Jan 15 2020 12:58:19 PM

Burnout syndrome can lead to potentially deadly heart rhythm disturbance, according to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

White Gajar Halwa From Sheeren Bhawan Hot Favourite For 40 Years
Jan 15 2020 12:46:06 PM

Sheeren Bhawan, located near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi is famous for their white gajar halwa.

5-Year-Old Boy Gets Guinness Record For Taekwondo, Credits Sister As Inspiration
Jan 14 2020 01:44:27 PM

Aashman Taneja made a Guinness world record for himself at the age of five in Taekwondo.

Women Directors Shut Out Of 2020 Oscars
Jan 14 2020 12:37:50 PM

Women are yet again shut out of the ‘best director’ race at the Oscars. Director and actress Issa Rae summed up the frustration by congratulating “all the men” who were nominated in the best director category.

Laxmi Agarwal's Fight To Have Acid Attacks Be Recognised As Separate Crime
Jan 14 2020 12:30:03 PM

Laxmi Agarwal was attacked with acid by a man twice her age, for turning down his marriage proposal.

Signs That Helps You To Identify Mental Illness
Jan 13 2020 06:25:55 PM

A lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety and other forms of mental health issues. They display obvious signs that will help one identify if they are suffering or not.

Hugging Reduces Stress, Boosts Health
Jan 13 2020 06:22:10 PM

Hugging is not just a friendly or romantic gesture, it also has a lot of health benefits. According to science, hugging someone, especially you like, reduce stress in one's body and mind.

Cigarette Smoking Damages Mental Health
Jan 12 2020 01:32:57 PM

Cigarette smoking affects a person's mental health, according to a study by researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

Jasmin Moghbeli: Decorated Pilot And Astronaut
Jan 12 2020 01:30:55 PM

Jasmin Moghbeli: Decorated Pilot And Astronaut

Tips To Let Go Of The Past This New Year
Jan 09 2020 06:23:21 PM

Amidst all the festivities and resolutions, one thing that can actually make you happy this January is letting go of your past. Holding on to the past is self-destructing behaviour.

How To Design A Sustainable Self-Care Routine
Jan 09 2020 05:50:59 PM

Most of the self-care products in the market ends up creating a lot of waste. These are chemicals that are harming the environment by polluting the water and soil. You can design a self-care routine which doesn't harm the planet by setting a few ground rules.