These Are The 10 Weird And Strange Restaurants In World

Sheena Joseph | Apr 02 2019
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Who doesn’t love dining in an intricately designed restaurant? As much as the well-curated menu and thoughtful staff, the ambience plays a huge role in the dining experience. But some restaurateurs don’t like the idea of joining the bandwagon. They are determined to be trendsetters or want to be unique. They would have had extreme sessions of brainstorming to come up with these unusual ideas. But, they surely got the attention of the world.

These restaurateurs managed to go a notch higher to put together some bizarre ideas for their dream project. They must have done something right as their patrons are not shying away from experimental dining. Here are the top 10 cringe-worthy restaurants across the world.

1.  Modern Toilet In Taiwan

This one took the game to a whole different level and as the name indicates the theme of the restaurant is the toilet. If you are in Taipei, Taiwan drop by this unusual restaurant. The idea behind this weirdest restaurant is quite simple. You will be dining in a huge bathroom. It is a three-story restaurant spanning across 2,800-square-foot.

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The chairs in here are in the shape of toilets. The walls have shower heads fitted on them. But, they are not the weirdest part of the Modern Toilet. The dishes are served in bowls in the shape of toilets and drinks are served in glasses in the shape of urinals. If that is not weird enough, faeces shaped lights are hanging from the ceiling.

2. Cabbage And Condoms In Bangkok

The owner of this strange restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand believes in family planning a bit too much. It is fair to say that every nook and corner of this restaurant is inspired by condoms. Flowers in the bathroom, table lamp, and lights hanging from trees are in the shape of condoms. Their tagline keeps with the cheeky theme and reads "our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy". The founder believes that condoms should be as accessible as food or vegetables. You will even receive a packet of condoms while leaving the restaurant as a gift.

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3. Opaque In The USA

Opaque is a chain of restaurants in the USA, and they want you to eat like nobody's watching. And you should because no one is. As the name suggests Opaque is 'dine in dark' themed restaurant. Keeping up with the unusual restaurants' trend, The inside of the restaurant is completely dark. You will not even see the person sitting next to you or your food. The goal is a sincere one here. Since you don't have your most used sense, your other senses - taste, touch, smell, and hearing will be utilised to their best. And you will make amazing conversation because you are not distracted by the looks of your partner.

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4. New Lucky Restaurant In India

How excited are you about dining in a graveyard? This quirky restaurant called New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India is 50 years old, and it built in a graveyard. The tables are placed around graves and coffins. As they don't want any surprises popping out of the graves, they are sealed with iron grills. The local legend says that the graves belong to the Sufi saints of the 16th century. The staff are keen on taking care of the graves and places fresh flowers on them every day.

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5.  Ninja New York in New York

Anything works in New York and this Japanese martial arts themed restaurant which is one of the weirdest restaurants in the world fits inhere perfectly. Ninja New York is the perfect place to go if you are fascinated with the Japanese art of Ninjutsu. It is a high-end restaurant in the TriBeCa neighbourhood. Waiters are dressed as ninjas and may jump out from behind the curtains. Along with fine Japanese meal, you get to enjoy magic tricks and knife demonstrations performed by ninjas.

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6. Heart Attack Grill In Las Vegas

Everything else about this restaurant comes from the morbid sense of humour except the name. A customer actually died of a heart attack while savouring one of the eating challenges at this restaurant and another fell unconscious. It is a hospital-themed American hamburger restaurant in the sin city of Nevada. The waitresses are dressed like nurses, and the orders are prescriptions. Since the customer is considered a patient, you have to wear a hospital gown and wrist band. The name Heart Attack is a warning before the menu. Every item on the menu is very high in fat, cholesterol, and sugar. To add to the fun, the restaurant says that If the customer weighs more than 160 kg, they will be served free food.

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7. Dinner In The Sky

If you were fond of tree houses as a child, you might be overjoyed about this weird restaurant. They do exactly what the name suggests. You will be dining in the sky. It is a Belgian chain of restaurants. The dining space is lifted to a height of 150 feet in the air. This unusual restaurant operates in 15 locations across the world including Paris and Las Vegas.

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8.  Robot Restaurant In Tokyo

It is a visit to the future. Who loves to experiment with technology more than Japanese. This is one of the weirdest restaurants in the world and is located in Tokyo. As the name suggests, robots are the main attraction of the restaurant. Luckily, food is not prepared by robots. But, robots will dance for you. The show is designed to complement the Japanese culture.

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9.  A380 In-Flight Kitchen

Taipei has one more trick up its sleeve. This restaurant is designed for those who are afraid of flying or do not prefer to eat while flying. The experience is no less than actual flying (except for the turbulence). You will have to buy a ticket and go through security checks before ending up on the comfortable seats. However, the happy customers hail that the food is way better than those served on flights.

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10.  Chodovar Brewery And Spa, Czech Republic

Home to healing mineral waters and artisanal beers, the idea of beer bath may not sound too strange to the citizen of Chodova Plana, Czech Republic. Customers are served beer pints which are locally brewed in the local brewery. It is the Czech Republic's first beer spa. The bath has mineral-rich water and dark beer.

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