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Nine Instagram Accounts to Follow to Diversify Your Reading

Sheena Joseph | May 07 2021
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There is no better time to bury your head in a book than now. The second wave of pandemic has certainly made life grim. The lockdown demands a lot of restraint for good. Reading can make all your problems go away in a blink. Every bookworm ever will tell you that the escapism aspect of literature is a huge plus. Contrary to older days when bookworms were considered geeky and “not cool”, Instagram has made readers influenced and glamourous. If you are confused about what to read next, there is a whole community with countless recommendations on Bookstagram. Here are some of the best Instagram accounts to diversify your reading.

1) Caribbean Girl Reading @bookofcinz 

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Caribbean Girl Reading is one of the most delightful and informative accounts you will ever come across. As the name suggests, the page is dedicated to Caribbean book recommendations and reviews. The brain and soul - Cindy is a Jamaican girl who is in love with the island life in Trinidad and Tobago. Starting in 2019, she has successfully expanded a little project to a book club (both online and offline), website, Patreon, and a library. Cindy has 23.1K followers at the moment.

2) Christi Steyn @christi.steyn

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Christi Steyn is a godsent for all those who love poetry. Some days, she posts written poetry. But on most days, this wonderful orator treats followers with reels in which she is reciting poems. Christi is seen giving voice to many poets ranging from Anne Sexton and Philippa H Stewart and Warsan Shire and Rupi Kaur. As you may have noticed, she is partial to women who did not hesitate to pour their hearts out. On rare occasions, Christi shares her own poems as well. She has 213K followers at the moment.

3) Hannah @hancollectsclassics

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If you are in love with classics of English literature, Hannah's Instagram page is the perfect home for you. She will not bombard your feed with review after review. But, she will share updates about reading progress and her opinions. The page itself is soothing to look at with pastels and neutrals. Hannah is partial to beautiful book covers with patterns. Being a newbie quickly gaining followers, she has 1288 followers at the moment.

4) Clair @the.vintage.library

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The Vintage Library is where you find Clair's collection of old books you will never see in most bookstores. As the name suggests, all her books are old enough to show it in their rare bindings and designs. However, aesthetics is the least interesting part of the vintage library. Most of these books are not trending ones. This is a collection of unique books that pulls you out of the 'what's trending' frenzy. Some of the books recently shared in the vintage library are 'Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson', 'The Garland of Wild Roses', 'The Life of Wellington Maxwell', and 'A New Book of the Fairies'. Being a newbie on Bookstagram, Clair has quickly managed to gain 7500 followers in a short amount of time.

5) Glory Edim @wellreadblackgirl

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Glory Edim started Well Read Black Girl as an Instagram account to share her love for books written by black women and non-binary writers. Today, it has a community on Patreon for readers, writers, and editors. Some of its activities are a book club, annual literary festival, writing prompts, writing workshops, and pep talk series. Since her first post in 2015, Glory has shared over 100 books by black women writers. She has also introduced debut authors to her followers. Today, Well Read Black Girl is a community of 425K.

6) NYT Books @nytbooks

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As the name suggests, 'NYT books' is an extension of the New York Times. If you struggle to keep up with new releases and the latest news of the literary world, NYT Books can help you. Detailed reviews are the specialty of NYT and the courtesy is extended to nonfiction books too. Your TBR stack will never shrink once you start following NYT Books. Some posts on this page are informative and meant to educate you. A few thoughtful examples are 'The Essential Philip Roth' (a guide to start reading books by Philip Roth, '15 favourite episodes of the Book Review podcast, and '7 Takeaways from Beautiful Things' (Hunter Biden's memoir). The page currently has 206K followers. 

7) Aysha @aysha_reads

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Aysha is a fan of thrillers. If you are on the lookout for mysteries, sci-fi, or horror, Aysha Reads is the page to follow. Two authors who make frequent appearances on her page are Agatha Christie and Stephen King. The dark academia-like mood of her Instagram page goes well with the horror theme. However, she occasionally shares classics like 'Northanger Abbey', ‘War and Peace’, ‘Jane Eyre’ and 'Madam Bovary' as well.

8) Paula Vince @vincereview

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The term 'best seller' often doesn't hold much weight among bookstagrammers. The welcoming vibe of the community has made it easier to love books and talk about them without thinking how popular they are. However, Paula is happy to update you all about bestseller books. Vince Review features many genres like literary fiction, children's literature, classics, and nonfiction. If you are looking for a fresh perspective about your reading habits and shake the TBR a little, Vince Review is the perfect place to be.

9) Resh Susan @thebooksatchel

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Resh Susan is one of the most popular Indian bookstagrammers. Her long stint in the bookstagram community has even landed several articles on Vogue. Lately, The Book Satchel has been sharing many books translated from Asian languages and most of them are authored by women. You will also find the aesthetic of the page to be soothing with neutral colours. 

You will also find similar recommendations on her blog. She is known for taking her time in writing long captions for her book photos. The page currently has 57.5K followers at the moment. Resh Susan has recently introduced another Instagram page called 'thesatchelbookclub' for read-alongs. The chosen title for May is 'The Tokyo Zodiac Murders'. This close-knit group discusses the book of the month in-depth and shares insights.