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13 Women Booktubers That Every Bookworm Should Follow

Sheena Joseph | May 15 2019

Millennials live in an era of visual content. But, bookworms are a species that doesn’t die away easily. If people prefer watching content over reading it, book lovers have no choice but to visualise their love for reading. These women took to YouTube to speak about how amazing books are. Today, booktubers are one of the popular video content creators. And ironically, they are converting viewers into readers. If you are obsessed with books or want to revive your long lost love for reading, here are 13 women booktubers that you should follow.

1. PolandBananasBooks

Christine Riccio’s PolandBananasBooks is one of the widely viewed YouTube channels. She has always been obsessed with books and started making videos in 2010. Christine delivers content through comedic reviews, sketches, and vlogs. Riccio herself became a novelist and wrote ‘Again, But Better’, a story of self-discovery and new beginnings. She has been collaborating with publishing houses and promoting new writers for the past few years.  Her YouTube channel has over 406k subscribers at the moment. Like many bookworms, Christine Riccio is a potter head and recently created a video in which she is sorting popular books to Hogwarts houses.

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2. A Book Utopia

Abookutopia is the brainchild of Sasha Alsberg who is a New York Times bestselling author of ZENITH: The Androma Saga, host of a web series - Book Chat, and a painter. She encourages her viewers not only to read but write too. Sasha recently made a video on top five writer essentials and researching for a book. Un-haul videos have been popping up here and there on her video channel for the past few months. Abookutopia has over 373k subscribers at the moment.

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3. PeruseProject

Looking at PeruseProject, you may think that Regan’s life is all about books. Regan started her YouTube channel in 2013 to discuss books with fellow book lovers. Her channel has more reading vlogs than you can count. She is a New Yorker who roams around the city with a book in her hand. PeruseProject has over 267k subscribers at the moment.

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4. A Clockwork Reader

A Clockwork Reader is probably the most loved YouTube channel out there, and all credits go to Hannah. This woman is happiness personified. Hannah became a booktuber in 2015. She is one of those who enjoy a good challenge. Some of her recent videos like 'who knows me better? 'first sentence challenge', and 'do I have that book? received over 74k views. A Clockwork Reader has over 210k subscribers at the moment.

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5. Hailey in Bookland

Hailey LeBlanc is another women booktuber that has taken over the internet since the past few years. Her passion for books reflects in her consistency in posting videos on her channel. Hailey is one of those who post several videos in a week. She loves historical fiction. Hailey in Bookland has over 219k subscribers at the moment.

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6. Katytastic

Kat O’Keeffe is the brain behind Katytastic YouTube channel. If you scroll through her channel, you will know that Kat loves buying books and making haul videos. Kat loves staying indoors and spent most of her time reading (obviously). She runs the Booksplosion, the most popular book club on YouTube Jessethereader and Christine Riccio. The club hosts monthly discussions. Katytastic has over 254k subscribers at the moment.

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7. Readbyzoe

Zoë Herdt is another booktuber who can fill your life with positive vibes. Like any other authentic bookworm, Zoe adores the atmosphere a library provides. Like she says in one of her videos, she can hang out in one whole day. Readbyzoe is a channel where you will find other booktubers discussing books with Zoe. This booktuber loves discussions. Her videos - 'chatting with Hannah and Hailey', 'the hobbit chat! Austentatious book club', and 'tips for new booktubers by booktubers' are very popular. Readbyzoe has over 197k subscribers at the moment.  

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8. Epic Reads

Margot Wood describes herself as a professional book enthusiast. She is the former founder of Epic Reads and many of the series on the channel is Margot’s creations. Epic Reads is known for its ‘Book Nerd Problems’ series. The series captures small but common dilemmas of a book nerd. The funny tone is maintained in most of the videos in Epic Reads. The channel has over 154k subscribers at the moment.

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9. Tashapolis

Natasha Polis is one of the sassy booktubers out there. She reviews books, TV shows, and plus size fashion. Her interview with Pierce Brown received 59k views. Her 'we met Stephenie Meyer' vlog also gained attention. Natasha started her YouTube channel five years ago and never shied away from posting badass content. Tashapolis has over 124k subscribers at the moment.

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10. emmmabooks

Emma Giordano is another bookworm who cannot stop making bookish videos. Her video on ‘bookish Tik Toks’ went viral. She is the proud owner of a collection of signed books. She has a set of loyal followers on Instagram as well. Her Instagram account has over 75k followers at the moment. She calls herself a semi-professional, underrated booktuber and her YouTube channel emmmabooks has over 166k subscribers at the moment.

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11. Naya Reads & Smiles

Nai'a Perkins is an Afro-Hawaiian girl with an obsession with fantasy novels. Her Instagram account is also filled with bookish images. Her YouTube channel NayaReadsandSmiles is a happy place because she is prone to giggling while talking about books. Nai’a is currently working on writing fantasy fiction and becoming a published author soon. She has several reading vlogs on her channel. She has over 54k subscribers at the moment.

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12. Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell is an award-winning poet and writer. She shares writing tips also on her YouTube channel named 'Jen Campbell'. Her videos on 'how do you write a poem?', 'how to write and illustrate children's books?', 'how to edit poems', and 'how do you write a short story?' are popular among her fans. Her YouTube channel has over 48k subscribers at the moment.

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13. Riley Marie

Riley Marie is a booktuber who loves contemporary books. Her 6-day contemporary-A-Thon was popular among her followers. Her Instagram account is the right place to pick up quick book recommendations. She loves bookshelves and has quite a few book tour videos on her channel. Her YouTube channel Riley Marie has over 35k subscribers at the moment.

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