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FB Software Engineer Quits, Says It Profits Off Hate

BP World Bureau | Sep 09 2020
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NEW DELHI: Ashok Chandwaney, the Facebook software engineer, announced that he quit his job from the platform because it has been profiting off hate politics. 

In a letter posted on Facebook's internal employee network, He said that he can not contribute to an organization that is profiting from hate in the US and globally.

Facebook spokeswoman Liz Bourgeois said that they don't benefit from hate and they invest a lot of funds to keep the platform safe and secure. 

FB had launched an industry-leading policy to go after QAnon, grew our fact-checking program, and removed millions of posts tied to hate organizations. 

28-year-old Chandwaney, who identifies as gender non-binary, has done too little to combat the rise on the platform of racism, disinformation, and incitements to violence.

He cited FB's role in fueling genocide in Myanmar and, more recently, violence in Kenosha.

He also called out Facebook's refusal to remove US President Donald Trump's post from May saying "when the looting starts, the shooting starts," amidst the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. 

In his resignation letter, he cited the work of civil rights group Color of Change, a frequent critic of Facebook. 

Facebook recently faced fire for over claims of its bias towards BJP and for ignoring its hate politics. 

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