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'Harry Potter' Sales Up Amid UK Lockdown Despite Rowling's Anti-Trans Row

BP World Bureau | Jul 22 2020
Image credits: Twitter

LONDON: Bloomsbury, the publisher of popular 'Harry Potter' series, said that books have become a hit during the COVID-10 outbreak and lockdown with a 27% increase in sales. 

Nigel Newton, the Bloomsbury chief executive, said the books had remained bestsellers despite Rowling's essay expressing her anti-trans views. 

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Bloomsbury publishes anti-racism books such as Reni Eddo-Lodge’s bestsellers 'Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race' and Carol Anderson’s 'White Rage', which helped its adult division to report a 29% increase in revenue amid the 'Black Lives Matter.' 

The majority of LGBT campaign groups criticised Rowling for writing that trans people can be potential rapists who invade women's spaces.