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Zomato Introduces Period Leave For Female Employees

BP World Bureau | Aug 10 2020
Image credits: pinterest

NEW DELHI: Zomato, food aggregator and delivery website, announced that they have introduced a period leaves for their menstruating employees, including trans people. 

Zomato's founder and CEO, Deepinder said that the company understands what menstruating employees go through and they don't want to lower the bar for the quality of our work and the impact that creates. 

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Zomato, however, made it clear that people cannot abuse this privilege and that they should avail leave only if they cannot work. 

The menstruating employees can report to the prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) team if face any unnecessary harassment, or distasteful comments because they applied for a period left.
The founder told male employees that they should understand what a woman's body goes through and that period cramps can be too painful for them to tolerate.
Menstrual leave has often been a subject of debate because men have vehemently opposed it and arguments have ranged from women's inability to work and extra privilege given to them.