This Beauty Standard Of Japan Expects You To Look Like A Vampire

BP World Research | Jan 23 2019
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What do the thoughts of vampires and the fang teeth of these vampires instil in you? Fear indeed.

How about if a nation expects you to have fang teeth to look beautiful?

Well, don’t be surprised if this is expected if you live in Japan. Many people in Japan think that snaggletooth is very cute. This craze in Japanese is called ‘Yeaba’ and this means ‘double tooth’ or ‘crooked tooth’.

As per the New York Times, this trend is noticed since 2011 and this craze is still on in that part of the world. 

Why do men in Japan think Yeaba is Good?

Why is this trend in Japan and why men think it’s cute? As per the popular belief in Japan no one is perfect and nothing is perfect.

Japanese celebrate this idea called ‘wabi-sabi’ which is about nothing is perfect and nature is imperfect. Wabi-sabi is about the beauty of imperfection.


With the fang teeth, a woman is expressing that she is not perfect. Men find approaching these women comfortable as the fang teeth symbolically say that ‘I’m imperfect’.

What do people do to get their fang teeth constructed?

We might wonder how many people would have born with vampire teeth? Very few, indeed.

The snaggleteeth naturally occur for some people when the baby teeth are delayed to appear. So ‘yeaba’ occurs because of imperfection - quite literally!

So what are the young fang teeth aspirants do in Japan?

There are dental clinics that are focused on catering to this need. Consulting a good dentist with specialization in fang teeth creation, and get the sharpening and crooking process done is a common thing. They might also get permanent or temporary tiny fangs glued into your teeth for the vampire looks.

Dental care in Japan doesn’t come cheap and if reports are to be trusted on an average, women in Japan spend around hundred pounds to get this process done. This is close to 10,000 Indian Rupees. 

What do people in India think about vampire teeth?

India has sort of longstanding craze for dimples. Dimple is considered beautiful in many parts of the world. Like the case of fang teeth, dimples happen because of some anatomic defects.

moushumi-chatterjee_1200x795 (1).jpg
Moushumi Chatterjee

Dimple, a birth defect happens because zygomaticus major in these affected people is shorter.

Though India per se doesn’t have much appreciation for vampire teeth, the old time actress Moushmee Chatterjee used to have a huge fan following for her ‘yeaba smile’.

Is it important to follow these fads?

The world has seen a lot of body augmentation in the name of women’s beauty standards such as China’s lotus feet, Asia’s long giraffe neck, Africa’s hanging ears and so on. Many of these existed in society for a long period of time and some are still a practice.

Even in this era of technology, social and cultural revolutions, we see young women running after fang teeth, dolly eyes and size zero figures- all to meet up the unreasonable and sexist societal expectation of beauty.

Taking the focus away from the looks to focus more on inner qualities and competencies is important for young women to be more confident to scale many heights.