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8 YouTube Channels for Gardening Enthusiasts

Sheena Joseph | Nov 15 2020
Image credits: BP Creation

The pandemic has turned a lot of us into gardening enthusiasts, or at least wannabe plant parents. Growing a few plants at home is one of the best things you can do because this particular activity comes with a bunch of benefits. On top of that list will be the environment. Plants are great for the planet. They are the least costly way to fight pollution and global warming. Plants are also good for your mental health. It will make your home feel more homely and enhances the decor.

That said, many of us are clueless about how to plant and nurture plants. Some YouTubers have done all the hard work for them. Everything from finding the right plant to arranging the correct way is on these channels. Here are some such YouTube channels to inspire and educate you.

1) Florita Casa

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Ritta lives in a village in Kerala, India where you can take a walk through the neighbourhood and come home with a bunch of pretty plants at zero cost. At a time when everything is capitalised, Florita Casa is proof that you do not need money to grow plants. People living in urban areas are used to spending big bucks on plant nurseries. That doesn't have to be the case. Many easy-to-grow plants are found on the streets and empty plots. Once you put them in a pot, they look as fancy as the ones in a nursery. Ritta finds everything from ferns to caladiums with ease. She also describes how to identify each variety and plant them.

2) Garden Up

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Garden Up is one of the most popular Indian gardening YouTube channels. Ekta Chaudhary is a researcher who spent a decade studying ecology. After finishing her PhD in Bangalore, she is currently living in Mumbai. With knowledge of a variety of topics ranging from soil nutrient dynamics in the south Indian forests to sustainable farming practices of Himalayan communities, Ekta wants to make them accessible and easy-to-understand for urban Indians. Her one million subscribers prove that her quest to find balance is worthwhile. She is always growing plants on the balcony of her flat which makes her relatable.

3) Serpa Design

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If you live in a small space and do not even have a balcony spare for plants, do not be disheartened. There is something for everyone in nature. Serpa Design is a YouTube channel that specialises in terrariums. If you are new to the concept, a terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants. It is a (usually) sealable glass container with soil and plants. You can also keep it open if the atmosphere is suitable for the plants you have chosen. 

Tanner is a DIY fanatic who uses nature as an artistic medium. He is always pushing himself to create unique projects. Some of his interesting videos are on 'mini self-watering moss wall', 'DIY mini rainfall zen terrarium', 'stream waterfall terrarium', and 'mini moss mountain in a water dish'.

4) TEO Garden

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If you are a lucky human being who lives in a house with a yard to spare for a garden, TEO Garden is the YouTube channel for you. Once you start gardening, you may want to make the area beautiful by adding some colour and creative projects. You will find a lot of DIY, recycling projects here. Many videos on the channel are about transforming old tires and plastic bottles into flower pots. If you want to make your garden into a piece of art, you will find plenty of inspiration here as 'garden art' is one of the major themes on TEO Garden.

5) Greenplants

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Greenplants is all about indoor plants, especially hanging plants. Some of the major themes on the channel are hanging plants, wall displays for plants, growing money plants, wall hanging planters, and bird nest pots. Their videos are perfect for someone who wants the plants to blend with the modern or contemporary decor of the house. You can also use them to add a pop of colour to the interior. You will also find videos transforming coconut shells, ice cream cones, plastic buckets, broken terracotta pots, and coir baskets into planters. Tabletop planters are a speciality of Greenplants and they do not compromise on aesthetics.

6) Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone 

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As the name suggests, this YouTube channel is all about bonsai trees. Nigel Saunders creates living miniature trees and calls his work 'the art of bonsai'. Most of his trees are made in the Lingnan style of Chinese penjing. He also posts videos on local bonsai shows, tree documentaries, and educational videos with an experience of 25 years. Some of his intriguing videos are 'my bonsai avatar grove', ''a detailed pruning of my Schefflera', 'Connor's bonsai bench tour', and 'growing a baobab bonsai from seed'.

If you are someone entirely new to the world of bonsai trees, The Bonsai Zone is the perfect place to start. You can follow the channel to simply feed your curiosity and to start a bonsai project of your own.

7) Backyard Gardening

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Backyard Gardening by Swati is a channel for Indians. Most of her videos are step by step guides for growing vegetables and flowers. Her forte is giving tips on preparing the soil, germination of seeds from fruits and vegetables, and hand pollination. If you are thinking of starting a kitchen garden, Backyard Gardening can give you an orientation to kickstart your project. 

You will get a basic understanding of transferring seedlings from the tray, growing winter vegetables, and propagating plants. Some of her most popular videos are 'how to grow wheatgrass at home', 'how to grow beetroot plants without seeds, 'how to grow avocado plants at home', and 'how to grow hibiscus from cuttings'.

8) 5T1 Balcony

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5T1 Balcony is for those who want to try their hand at vertical gardening. Recycled plastic bottles play a prominent role in this channel as they are most suitable for vertical gardening. With over eight million views, the vertical gardening videos on 5T1 Balcony are popular among plant enthusiasts. They are easy to adapt for those who live in flats.