14 Types of Panties Every Woman Should Know About

Sheena Joseph | Oct 27 2020
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Women's undergarments have gone through a revolutionary phase. Now, luxurious and comfortable lingerie is not limited to film stars and royalty. Every woman has access to different types of panties according to their moods or season or occasion. Panties have become more than just a bare essential. If you are new to the world of lingerie, here are some of the most popular types of panties.

1) French Cut Panties

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French cut panties similar to classic briefs but have a lower-cut leg. This provides less coverage at the widest part of the thighs. They are perfect for a day on the beach or poolside. French cut panties are best worn with bikini tops, slip dress, sarong, saree, and palazzo pants. 

2) Hip-huggers

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Hip-huggers are the perfect combination of style and comfort. It has a waistband that sits on the hips and low-cut leg holes. They provide a lot of coverage even though sitting lower than the waist. They often come in breathable materials. Hip-huggers are best worn with low-rise pants, skirts, jeans, gowns, pantsuits, and shorts.

3) Thongs

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Thongs are known as a slightly exotic choice. It is considered to be among erotic styles with minimal butt coverage and sitting almost three inches below the waist. It has a triangular patch at the front. It is a glamorous choice to be worn with casual wear, beachwear, or a pool party. 

4) G-string

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G-strings are similar to thongs in nature and features. They are meant for intimate occasions. With less coverage, the front and back of the fabric directly connected to the waistband with a small string. They are often made in materials like lace, cotton, mesh, spandex, and embroidered tulle. G-strings are best worn with a slip dress, sarong, shorts, and bikini tops.

5) C-string

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C-string is another exotic and sensual lingerie. It is a new age swimwear and a popular beachwear. It has no strings and covers the bare minimum. C-strings are made in lace, cotton, mesh, sequin, and polyester. It is a lightweight undergarment best worn with dresses, bikini tops, shorts, and skirts.

6) Control Briefs

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Control briefs are functional everyday wear for women who prefer comfort over everything. They are like usual briefs with elastic tummy line. It will cover up to your naval. The inside of the control brief is lined with a smooth fabric to ensure comfort. You can even wear it post-delivery. It is a top choice among women looking for tummy compression and sweat-wicking. 

7) Brazilian Brief

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Brazilian briefs are known for being elegant and sensual at the same time. It is a popular choice as beachwear and swimwear. The backside of the bikini cuts from the buttcheeks and meets the waistband across the hipline. Three of the popular variations of Brazilian brief are regular Brazilian cut brief, one side knot Brazilian brief, and two side knot Brazilian brief.

They are most commonly found in polyester, nylon, spandex, mesh, lace, and crochet knit. Brazilian briefs are best worn with a bikini top, flounce bikini bra, Bardot bikini top, and sarong. It is one of the most fashionable choices you can make for a casual day at the beach or pool.

8) Tap Pants

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Tap pants became the choice of women who want comfortable lingerie wear. They are like shorts and cover the back and pelvic area with a high waist. They often come in silk and lace. They are best worn with the front tops, camisole, and spaghetti tops. They are popular for having a cotton liner, moisture-wicking, breathable, and shrink resistant. If you want a simple yet stylish choice as loungewear or leisurewear, tap pants are your best bet.

9) Open Crotch Panty

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If you want something breezy to wear on a summer day, an open crotch panty is your best bet. It has a strategically designed cut across the crotch. They are lightweight and breathable. You can wear them with bodycon dresses, bralettes, skirts, and jumpers.

10) String Bikini

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A Sting bikini is a perfect choice for sunbathing. The criss-cross side look boosts the style quotient too. The minimal coverage with triangular-shaped pieces makes it perfect for beachwear and poolside and swimwear. It is lightweight and breathable. They are mostly found in lace, mesh, spandex, and embroidered tulle.

11) High Waist Brief

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A high waist brief is a perfect choice for a brunch. The elastic waistband will tuck in the tummy. The seamless hipster will provide full rear coverage and smoothening. They are also breathable and lightweight. You can wear it with high waist jeans, jumpsuit, maxi dress, tank dress, shirt, trousers, pantsuit, skirt suit, and dresses. It will also reduce muffin top belly and absorb sweat. It also makes good post-delivery maternity wear.

12) Garter Panty

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Nothing makes you feel adventurous and powerful like a garter panty. The sheer lacy panties connected to stockings with adjustable garter belts are fun and stylish. They are found in embroidered lace, net, nylon, and cotton. It is best worn with dresses, gown, bodysuits, cage bra, lace bra, slit dress. You can also experiment with colours of your choice. 

13) Cheekster

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If you are worried about the appearance of a panty line, choose a cheekster. They will not leave a strong panty line and are perfect to wear under leggings, palazzos, harem pants, trousers, skirts, and gowns. They show off a part of the butt cheeks and are breathable as well as lightweight. Cheeksters are commonly made in lace, cotton, mesh, spandex, embroidered tulle, and silk.

14) Maternity Panty

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There is no other time like pregnancy when women want a comfortable panty. A maternity panty is a must-have during pregnancy. It is comfortable and provides the support needed. The fabric and structure are designed to support the pelvic region without squeezing too hard. It will also maintain the flow of the fabric as per the changing shape of your belly. You can wear them with peasant tops, tank tops, t-shirts, tank dress, maxi dress, jeans, skirt, and pants.