2019 Top Trending Hairstyles For Short, Mid-length And Long Hair

BP World Research | Feb 10 2019
Image credits: Flickr

What one can experiment with most to enhance quickly the ‘Style Quotient’ is hair. From lengthy braids to clean bald- everything can be stylish and can enhance your personality if done it in a way that suits you.

Though there are a large number of hairstyles that are evolving every day, as many of us want to carry some ‘unique style’.

Some of the trends already visible this year in the fashion of hairstyles are the following.

1. Messy Bun For Mid-Length Hair

We have seen many celebrities wearing them. This style ‘messy bun’, with a little twist was used by some brides as well.

Bun hairstyle is attractive and there are some or the other bun styles that suit every face.  High bun, side bun, twisted bun or low bun- these are all options you could choose from, based on the shape of your face.

You can spice the bun up with bangs or add a little messy twist to it to bring in that cool and easy look.

Image credits: Instagram

Messy top buns and low bun can be done with mid-length hair. If your face is heart-shaped, bun in the middle of your head would be a good choice.  A low bun drawn to the side would suit a round face.

Bun style is good for casual and formal occasion depending on how you style it.

2. Side Braids For Mid Length Hair

Worried that the hair is a little unruly and lazy to go to the salon to style it?

Do not worry. Messy side braids shall come handy and you can do this without much of an effort. Messy side braids give a casual and the ‘woman next door’ looks.

Image credits: Instagram/Priyankachopra

Ideal to wear in all seasons, this style is suitable for round, oval and long faces and even better if your mid-length hair is wavy. You can make your side braids with centre partition or with middle partition.

3. Crimped Hair Look For Long Hair

2019 shall see a lot of crimped look as per experts and hair stylists. There are many ways to do crimped style and it can be done for all hair types and hair lengths. Short crimps, crimps with bangs, crimps with multi-colouring, crimped-frizzed hair is all various styles that can be tried.

Image credits: styleeasily

For long hair crimping, take middle partition or side partition. Then around 5-5 cms below the partition, the crimping should start. Crimping irons are available in the market. However, for all hair crimping, a salon service is the better choice.

4. High Pony Tail For Long Hair

Many stylists say that we shall see the come back of this simple hairstyle in 2019.

Image credits: flickr

A high ponytail is not difficult to make hairstyle. Grab the upper portion of the hair and add the lower portion to it after blow-drying your hair. Secure it with a bungee or elastic band.

If you like a neat high ponytail, use a hair straightener to straighten the hair and tie them up in a pony neatly.

You can wear your high ponytail with bangs as well beautifully. The bangs can be long, short, straight, curly or sideways.

5. Layered Pixie For Short Hair

In the Layered Pixie cut,  the hair is cut into layers on all of the sides. Also, the layers are done in the backside. This is to soften the edges to have natural bouncing. This gives a casual finish.

Image credits: Instagram

This is good for any kind of hair. However, if your hair is short and cannot do any other kind of pixie, then layered pixie is a good option for you. What can be added is to give the ‘highlights’ and ‘low lights’ such as golden and copper highlights and dark shaded colours.

6. Braided Bob for Short Hair

Normally braids are done for long and mid-length hair. But lovely braids can be done on short hair as well. Braids using your own hair can be done even if your hair size is short. The partition taken can be either middle or side partition.

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Side Braids or back braids can be done using colourful braiding threads as well. Braiding threads that are of various shades are available in the market to choose from.

7. Grey Silver Hair Colour

Silver shading started in 2018. This year this styling is getting even more popular. Whether your hair is short, mid-length or long this is chick style that goes well with the season’s flavour.

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As per some statistics, in the UK more than 10,000 searches are there around ‘greying’ hair. Obviously, the trend is catching up. 

According to the experts at Matrix, a L’Oreal company that is into hair colour business, the silver grey is not very easy to achieve. Darker the hair, more difficult to achieve the silver grey at one go. However, with a couple of steps in between, this can be achieved. This includes whitening the hair completely first.

8. Dusty Copper Hues For Hair

Dusty copper gives a less ‘fiery’ red hues.  2018 saw more of ‘fiery’ shades. 2019 sees a little less of these ‘loud’ hues.

Image credits: Instagram

This can be tried in all sort of hair that can give refreshing copper hues. Whether your hair is black, blond or brunette this goes well. Also, this goes very well with straight, wavy and curly hair.