Seven Plus Size Bloggers You Must Follow

Sheena Joseph | Jul 08 2019
Image credits:bpcreation

The mainstream film industry and fashion magazines may not cater to the preferences of plus size women. But fashion and personal style have nothing to do with size. That is why plus size bloggers are enjoying success and loyal followers. Many of the plus size bloggers are not only stylish but inspiring. Their audience isn’t limited to other plus size women. All women dot on their fashion choices simply because their outfits are a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t come across the amazing fashion choices of plus size bloggers, here are a few choices for you to start. These seven plus size fashion bloggers have followers all across the world.

1. Tanesha Awasthi

This award-winning blogger has definitely shattered stereotypes with her work. Her blog 'Girl With Curves' has taken her to prominent fashion magazines and fashion weeks. This Indian fashionista often uses her popularity to speak about self-acceptance and body positivity. Her work as a plus size fashion blogger started back in 2011 when she started simply posting her everyday looks while working in the tech industry. 


Her fashion choices are a message of assurance for all women who are insecure. She once wrote on her blog: “Why am I always so afraid? Afraid of rejection, afraid of failing, afraid of letting people down? It all comes down to my own inner insecurities and today I’m done with it because guess what? Bad, embarrassing things happen and they’ll continue to happen. I’ve failed before, I’ve been rejected before, people have laughed before, and more important than letting anyone else down, I’m constantly letting myself down by not following through with things I love, out of fear and insecurity. So forget all of these silly feelings I’m letting take over my life at times because I’m done with insecurity.”

Tanesha Awasti's Instagram page @girlwithcurves has 458k followers at the moment.

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2. Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn is a Lebanese plus size fashion blogger who has grabbed the attention of most of the top fashion magazines including Vogue Italia and PAPER. She is known for designing clothing lines for Addition Elle. Nadia has been relentlessly working towards bridging the gap between mainstream fashion and plus size fashion since the age of 17. Her blog covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


Nadia didn’t start blogging as a plus size blogger or influencer. People assumed that she is a plus-size model/blogger because back in 2010, many weren’t used to the idea of a woman who isn’t skinny posting fashionable photographs. According to her interview with PAPER in 2016, she doesn't mind being considered plus-size; it puts her in good company with other curvier bloggers and models who have shifted fashion and given many women a voice. 

Nadia Aboulhosn’s Instagram page @nadiaaboulhosn has 598k followers at the moment.

3. Allison Teng


This Asian American California girl is a self-described serial shopaholic, which explains her choice of profession. She started her blog Curvy Girl Chic in 2009 as a platform to connect with other plus size women who loves fashion. Allison has had a successful run in the industry along with earning the company of like-minded people. In the last decade, she has collaborated with top names like Forever 21, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Glamour Magazine, and Marie Claire. Allison’s Instagram page @curvygirlchic is full of everyday looks that anyone can easily adapt. She has 77k followers at the moment.

4. Alex Michael May

This Nebraskan fashionista has a rare talent for looking casual and put together at the same time. Her Instagram page is a goldmine for those who are looking for inspiration for activewear and beachwear. You will mostly find Alex laughing or flipping her hair. She describes herself as her followers' virtual BFF. She tries to fulfil that description by giving motivational speeches.


For her, body positivity is choosing not to fixate on the perceived shortcomings. Alex and her blog are all about celebrating her body every day. She has been vocal about her history with eating disorders and the phase where she lived in fear of body dysmorphia. Her Instagram page @alexmichaelmay has 86.4k followers at the moment.

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5. Stephanie Zwicky


This fashion and beauty blogger lives with the motto, ‘style is not about size but an attitude”. Her blog has been successful since its launch in 2005. The Swiss fashionista was recognised by Elle in 2010. Her style has a Parisian aura which is evidently seen on her Instagram page. If you have an eye for monochrome or earthy tones, Stephanie’s page will be your happy place. Her Instagram page @stephaniezwicky has 73.2k followers at the moment.

6. Hayet Rida

Hayet Rida is one of the freest spirited and unapologetic women out there. In 2014, she deleted a bunch of images from her Instagram page. She has been receiving a lot of questions about gaining weight. Hayet didn’t see her weight gain as a failure but success over eating disorders. Hence, she deleted the images that didn’t match her current size. She celebrates the concept of healthy weight gain.


Hayet once wrote about self-acceptance on her blog: “We only realize we have lost our self when we find it wandering around and realize for just one moment that we are indeed nowhere to be found. Now that I see myself lost, I will not focus on bringing that self back. I will rather focus on creating a home that is worthy of my return to self. A place that is welcoming to the body that already exists.” 

Her Instagram page has 65.7k followers at the moment.

7. Ameena Azeez



There aren’t many fashion designers who dedicate their work to plus-size fashion and body positivity. Ameena Azeez is a fashion designer who proudly says that she eat, breath, and sleep fashion. Her blog, Fashionopolis is an amalgam of everything she loves - fashion, lifestyle, literature, art, and aesthetics. Her goal is to help "people with all body types to understand and interpret fashion trends and transform them into everyday styles". Her blogs have a friendly approach towards high fashion and street styles alike. You can find the latest trends, DIY tips, and industry news too. With a simple and easy-to-adapt style, Ameena’s Instagram page has 49.3k followers at the moment.