Top 13 Indian Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Sheena Joseph | Apr 14 2019
Image credits: Instagram

Are you fond of cotton sarees? Do you have no clue to how to mix and match some elegant, contrasting colours? Finding the answer couldn’t be simpler. Being creative in these sorts is not everyone’s cup of tea and you need some help and tips from experts. Go on to Instagram. There are hundreds of fashionistas who share their latest looks and trends for you to draw inspiration from.

Now, are you confused about what kind of jewellery to pair the outfit with? You are not fond of gold, but you would like the accessories to compliment the saree. How about temple jewellery? Instagram influencers have that too figured out for you.

It doesn’t stop there. Everything you crave and want to be updated on is served in its most aesthetic form on Instagram. And, that’s why Instagram is the new jam of Millenials.

This social media platform is popular for its diversity and album like nature. Women have been ruling this platform since its dawn. In fact, all top female social media influencers have a strong presence on Instagram. Top women fashion bloggers in India with thousands of followers are constantly posting beautiful photographs, sassy captions and exciting tips. If you still haven’t joined the bandwagon, here are 13 most popular fashion influencers to follow on social Instagram.

1. Komal Pandey

Image credits: Instagram/komalpandey

This woman is 'inspiration' when it comes to practical and affordable fashion. It is no wonder her Instagram account @komalpandeyofficial has 559k followers at the moment. As her bio reads, her Instagram account and youtube channel are all about experimental and relatable fashion. Komal Pandey would rather show her followers how to make a lehenga out of saree (without cutting it) than talking about how beautiful a Manish Malhotra design is.

Her wardrobe is one that every Indian girl can effortlessly dream because they are affordable. No wonder that she is one of the top women social media influencers in India. For her sassy and elegant and practical fashion sense, Komal Pandey recently won two Cosmopolitan awards - Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger (female) and Popular Choice Best Beauty Vlogger.

2. Sejal Kumar

Image credits: Instagram/sejalkumar

Sejal Kumar is another sweetheart of India, and she is a lifestyle blogger. She started her social media career in 2014 and makes fashion, travel, and lifestyle videos.

Her Instagram account @sejalkumar1195 has 539k followers at the moment.

Sejal Kumar is also known for realistic fashion that Indian women can easily afford and wear. She won Cosmopolitan's award for Popular Choice Best Lifestyle Blogger this year. With her innocent style of talking and chirpiness, she is definitely one of the most popular women to follow on social media.

3. Riya Jain

Imagecredits: Instagram/riyajain

Riya Jain is a fashion and beauty blogger from Mumbai, and her Instagram feed is just dreamy. Her fashion sense is right out of the movies, and her camera does justice to the clothes. Her videos are quirky and cute. Her Instagram page can lift your spirits in no time on a bad day too. If you are wondering how to revitalise good old plaid pants and black tops and make them look edgy, scroll through @caughtinacuff which has 297k followers at the moment.

4. Shreya Jain

Image credits: Instagram/shreyajain

Her followers are never bored because Shreya Jain’s brain is never out of ideas. She rose to popularity and is known for her quality content. Her youtube channel is regularly updated. Shreya Jain is a beauty blogger who is fond of makeup tutorials. Her bio reads, “trying to bridge the gap between beauty standards and reality, one makeup tutorial at a time”. She posts makeup videos and new looks on Instagram as well. Her account @shreyajain26 has 295k followers at the moment. If you are looking for edgy style or want to make a statement with your makeup, Shreya Jain is just the Instagram influencer you need.

5. Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Image credits: Instagram/nilu

This beauty from North East knows how to express herself without saying a word too. Her Instagram account @bighairloudmouth speaks for itself. She is probably one of the top Indian women influencers on Instagram. Her hair is not less than a canvas. Her hair has been orange, purple, blue, and fiery pink in the past. She rose to fame over the last six years. Her edgy style caught the attention of European luxury brand Dior too. The high-end brand partnered with her to create some new looks. Her Instagram account has 136k followers at the moment.

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6. Debasree Banerjee

Image credits: Instagram/debasree

This Bengali brilliance is one of the top women social media influencers in India. With her elaborate and reliable product reviews and detailed makeup tutorials, it’s not surprising that she won Cosmopolitan’s Editor's Panel Best Beauty Blogger award. With her re-creatable costumes and girl-next-door persona, her Instagram account @debasreee has 201k followers at the moment.

7. Ankita Chaturvedi

Image credits: Instagram/ankita

Ankita Chaturvedi is popularly known as the Corallista after the name of her blog and YouTube channel. Her soothing personality is admired by a lot of Indian women. Similar to her friend Debasree Banerjee, Ankita also focuses on makeup products and cosmetic products. The fact that she tries every product featured on her social media makes her a fan favourite. Her Instagram account @Corallistablog has 190k followers at the moment.

8. Gia Kashyap

Image credits: Instagram/giakashyap

Gia Kashyap is probably one of the most popular fashion bloggers in India. She promotes plus size fashion and is an expert in the field. Her classy, elegant fashion sense is evident in over 4000 images that she has posted over the years. She started her career off as a style and beauty blogger. Today, Gia is one of the popular women to follow on social media. Her page, @giasaysthat has 128k followers at the moment.

9. Tanesha Awasthi

Image credits: Instagram/tanesha

As her blog and Instagram page @girlwithcurves suggest, Tanesha Awasthi is all about body positivity. Her fashion sense is always spot on and so is her curly hair. She is a stylist and fashion consultant too. Tanesha started her blog way back in 2011, and it has been a favourite of many. Tanesha’s Instagram page is a great place to find inspiration. She is one of the top Indian influencers on Instagram. Her page has 464k followers at the moment.

10. Roshni Bhatia

Image credits: Instagram/roshni

Roshni Bhatia has one of the most effortless styles. On her Instagram page @thechiquefactor, each photograph looks put together are stylish. The combinations are refreshing, and you might not need a wardrobe detox to incorporate them into life. This stunning woman brings in her husband and son also from time to time on her YouTube channel. Her Instagram page has 97k followers at the moment.

11. Ankita Katuri

Image credits: Instagram/ankita

She is probably the best curator of Indian, traditional, and temple jewellery in India. Her Instagram page @kitakaturi has 67.1k followers at the moment. She considers her Instagram posts as a digital album. Her bio reads, “pictures of everything I'd like to look at when I turn 80”. Ankita is often seen in sarees and amazing jewellery that compliments the costume. But, she is not hesitant to pair a white shirt and jeans with heavy silver jewellery. Her looks are always unique. This is an Instagram influencer who also promotes sustainability.

12. Naina Ruhail

Image credits: Instagram/naina

Naina Ruhail is a graduate of the London School of Make-up and London School of Styling. She is a promoter of clean beauty. Her Instagram page @ispeakwhatyoulove is all about organic products and skincare in the age of pollution. She often promotes vegan and cruelty-free products. Naina is also the founder of Vanity Wagon which is an e-commerce site dedicated to selling organic skin care products. Her page has 30k followers at the moment.

13. Farah Dhukai

Image credits: Instagram/farah

Farah Dhukai is someone who has gone beyond the title of Instagram influencer and became a beauty guru. Her Instagram page @farahdhukai has 6.5 million followers at the moment. She is a Canadian national and has her roots in India. She describes herself as an internet grandma. Unlike many other Instagram influencers, Farah Dhukai’s page is filled with skin care and makeup tutorial videos.