All About Sunglasses And The Trending Sunglasses Styles In 2019

BP World Research | Mar 21 2019
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Sunglasses are not really any recent invention.  It’s said that in China, spectacles or sunglasses were used even as early as the 12th Century. The Chinese then seemed to have used some kind of quartz lenses on it. Mostly they used it for masking expressions- especially of judges while proclaiming judgments. They also served the purpose of protecting eyes from the dust.

It was in early 1700 that more serious experiments were carried out around glasses and in England sunglasses with green lenses started becoming fashionable. Even today, green is noted as the colour that protects the eyes most from the sunlight.

Sam Foster in 1929 did the first commercial production of sunglasses that soon became popular in some part of the United States.  Bausch & Lomb later after a few years were engaged formally to make sunglasses for American Military Aviators. Another breakthrough was during the 1930s. This was the time the polarized glasses were introduced to reduce the harm done by UV rays.

What was invented probably for protecting eyes from the harsh sunlight and UV rays is now an unavoidable eye essential whether you are a celebrity, socialite or commoner.

A few years ago buying a good brand of sunglasses was considered a luxury. Today, however, people treat sunglasses also as a wardrobe with many colours, shades, sizes and designs in the collection that would be paired with the season, styling and situation.

Who in the world are crazy about sunglasses?

Over a period of time, sunglasses have got the status of being one of the most vivid and noticeable accessories -one of the reasons for its huge popularity. People when wear sunglasses as a style accessory, is visible and noticeable- be the glasses resting on your eyes, head or neck. The brands are chosen that suit the occasion as some brands are positioned for certain occasion. For example, ‘Ray-ban’ is preferred when it’s a complete outdoor summer activity such as a beach walk or mountaineering. However, for shopping or for a party, it might be a different brand that has styles suiting the occasion.



According to Luxottica, a major sunglasses manufacturing company, UK is a great market for trendy and fashionable sunglasses. The UK, in fact, is not as hot as many European countries, however, when it comes to the sunglasses sales in the continent, UK tops the scene. Luxottica manufactures sunglasses for many luxury sunglasses brands including Prada, Giorgio Armani, Versace and D&G.

In India as well women started to spend more on buying luxury sunglasses brands such as Prada. Sunglasses sales are brisk in Indian cities where women tend to own more than one premium sunglasses as per Luxottica, India.

How To Know If The Sunglasses Are For Women?

Most of the women’s sunglasses have a wider frame. They also have thicker arms and the design, in general, would be a bit curvier. Many models of women’s sunglasses are ornate and brighter colours. Men’s sunglasses are straighter and might not be curvy. They also might have a wider bridge and arms that are longer.

As the way we look at gender is changing from binary to a lexicon, the world of fashion is also changing with more unisex designs. This is happening in the world of sunglasses as well.


What’s Trending in Women’s Sunglasses Designs in 2019?

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat-Eye Sunglasses were trending in 2018 and they are still trending in 2019. They came in different sizes, design and colours in 2018- small size to a medium size and large size with cat eye design. Cat-eye is however not a new design concept. They were popular during the 1950s and are still popular. 2019 promises micro cat-eye sunglasses as a trend.

Cat Eye Sunglasses design suits everyone in general when under the sun. However, individually suitable glasses need to be picked based on whether your face is round, square, oval or mixed.

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2. Shield Sunglasses

This is a great trend this season. Very useful for people who are exposed to a lot of sunlight - be it for fun or as part of the job or the chosen sports.

The shield sunglasses are made normally with just a single piece of protective shield. They are not bi-framed like other sunglasses. They look absolutely sporty and will be a great companion when you have fun under the sun- be it your sunbath, skiing or when on the road for your cycling. Most of these glasses don’t have frames and come even in extra large size.  They have great style quotient.


3. Extreme Glam

You have seen them in 2018. You will see more of them in 2019 as well. They are fully embellished, glittery, and jazzy sunglasses. They are more a jewellery piece than sunglasses with precious stones, artistic crafts and embellishment on it. One created in 2018 with such great craftsmanship was by Givenchy. This dazzling piece is full of stone embellishments and glittery dangling chains.

Highly noticeable and statement sunglass, Extreme Glam model sunglass is going to take a more secure place in 2019 eyewear fashion.


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4. Oversized Sunglasses

Prime credits to make oversized sunglasses into the Fashion diary goes to Jackie Kennedy, wife of John F Kennedy when she was the first lady of the US during the 1960s.

They are available in different sizes from large to extremely large as well as thick and moderately thick. If selected well to suit the shape of your face, it shall look instantly appealing.



5. Rimless Sunglasses

They have blending lenses and frames and have great looks when worn. They trend in both coloured lenses as well as in transparent ones. This season of 2019 would see more of coloured lenses in this style.  They are seen more in lighter colours and hues such as pink, purple and blue.


6. Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored Sunglasses started being a trend in around 2015. With lenses with a mirror effect, they come in many hues and shades. The mirrored style has evolved over a period of time appearing and disappearing from the fashion scene on and off. Last few seasons, this style is going steady, and this is here to stay in 2019 as well according to fashion experts.

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7. Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses were introduced in the market in 1910 with wireframe around it. The same round sunglasses were started as a fashion accessory during the 1920s.

Round sunglasses still are popular and were trending in 2018 – the only difference being they are seen in different colours and sizes and comes in wireframe, transparent frame and also in other frames. Trendy and attractive, this style is worn mostly during casual occasions.