Six Breakfast Juices That Will Improve Your Health

Sheena Joseph | Jun 17 2019
Image credits:picswe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Packing it with nutrients and vitamins will improve your health considerably. Most of us prefer carbs to kickstart the day to compensate for the starvation of the past 10-12 hours. Building up an appetite for a stomach-filling plate food is normal. Pancakes, toast, idli, and poha are some of the popular breakfast items. But, they aren’t packed with fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Breakfast is the best time to consume fibre and replenish the body with nutrients. Tackling this issue is super-simple. The answer to all your problems lies in a glass of juice. They are extremely easy to make. And you can mix fruits and vegetables of your choice to up the vitamin intake. Here are six healthy juices to begin your mornings with.

1. Beetroot-Blueberry Juice

Beetroot is one of the best choices you can make. It is packed with several nutrients like iron, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamin B6. It has nitrates that can enhance athletic performance and balance blood pressure. But, despite all the health benefits it offers, many avoid it due to the intense earthy flavour.


You can add a handful of blueberries to the juicer to make the taste not tolerable but delicious. Blueberries are a popular superfood. They are low in calories and high in nutrients. A cup of blueberries will supply the body with 25% of the RDI of manganese, 36% of the RDI of Vitamin K, and 24% of the RDI of Vitamin C. The antioxidants in it will keep away premature ageing too. Blend one beetroot and a cup of blueberries together, and you have a vibrant glass of delicious, healthy morning drink.

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2. Spinach-Kiwi Juice


Spinach is probably the most widely available superfood. You can even grow them at home. It is no news that dark green leafy vegetables are good for you. But, that doesn’t make them any easier to gulp down. Spinach is packed with iron, and there is no better natural remedy for anaemia. But, iron isn’t the only beneficial content in spinach. One cup of spinach leaves has 167 mg of potassium, 30 mg of calcium, and 58 micrograms of folate.


You can make this green juice a lot more interesting with few kiwi fruits and celery stalks. Kiwi flesh has a combination of tart and sweet taste. The antioxidants in kiwi are known to help with asthma and digestive problems. It is full of vitamin C, and one cup of kiwi contains 273% of the recommended daily intake. Blend one cup of spinach, one cup of kiwi, and a few celery stalks. You can add a squeeze of lime to it too.

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3.  Tomato-Carrot-Pomegranate Juice

Tomatoes may not have a bunch of nutrients to its credit. But, 95% of it is water. Eating raw tomato is like indulging in flavoured water without feeling guilty about artificial additives. To make it a healthy morning juice, we have carrots and pomegranate in the play. Carrots have soluble fibre called pectin, which can lower blood sugar levels. They are also beneficial to the good microbes in the gut, which are essential to general health.


Pomegranates get their blood-red hue from polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. The amount of polyphenols in pomegranate is three times higher than green tea. The free radicals in it protect cells from damage and inflammation. A recent study by researchers at the University of California says that, drinking 8 oz of pomegranate juice every day will improve cognitive functions including learning and memory. Blend the tomatoes, carrots, and pomegranate together, and you have a brain power boosting morning juice.

4. Cucumber-Muskmelon Juice

Cucumber is mostly associated with salads. But, it is a great addition to breakfast juice too. This fruit is low in calories and soluble fibre, but high in antioxidants. Cucumbers contain antioxidants called flavonoids and tannins, which are two compounds that are highly effective in fighting off free radicals. Since they are low in calories, they are highly recommended for people trying to lose weight. It will add a freshness to your juice as well.


Muskmelon is one of the most popular fruits in India for its sweetness and aroma. It is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. They cater to our immune system, skin health, scalp and hair follicles. They have been associated with reduced risk of vision impairments like cataracts and macular degeneration. The folate content in it lowers the risk of cancer as well. Blend these two fruits together, and you have sweet, hydrating morning juice.

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5. Banana-Pineapple-Kale

Banana is found in abundance in India. It is rich in fibre and protein. But, it can supply a good part of the recommended daily intake of many nutrients. A medium sized banana will supply the body with 9% of the RDI of potassium, 8% of the RDI of magnesium, 10% of the RDI of copper, 14% of the RDI of manganese, 33% of the RDI of vitamin B6, and 11% of the RDI of vitamin C.


To make the juice healthier, you can add kale and pineapple. If you are one of those who run away from vegetables, it is a good chance to slip in kale. This nutrient-dense leaf contains an omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid, which the human body cannot synthesize. As the dark green colour indicates, flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol are found in large amounts in kale. Blend one or two bananas with kale and add them to pineapple pulp. Pineapple is not only delicious but dense in nutrients. One cup of pineapple will supply the body with 131% of the RDI of vitamin C and 76% of the RDI of manganese.

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6. Apple-Orange-Papaya Juice

You can choose either a green apple or red. They are as healthy as it is delicious. Apples are high in fibre and water content, which makes them filling. They are known for being effective in weight loss diets. They are linked with a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Adding citrus fruits to the morning juice can never go wrong, and oranges are a pleasant choice. They are rich in vitamin C. One large orange will provide 100% of the RDI of vitamin C. It supplies the body with thiamine and folic acid too.


Slipping in a few slices of papaya to the mix while blending apples and oranges is a great idea as the fruit contains potassium and vitamin A. Papaya is known for its antioxidant effects and anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the skin from wrinkles, sagging, and effects of sun exposure too. This healthy juice will ensure that muscle cramps are kept away as papaya and oranges contain potassium.