10 Productive Things You Can Do At Home During COVID-19 Lockdown

Karthika S Nair | Mar 16 2020
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The whole world is in a very tense situation as the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a pandemic. The doctors, security officials, scientists and other authorities are working very hard to contain this outbreak and find a vaccine.

As part of the protocol, the governments around the world have declared lockdowns. Schools and colleges have been shut, movie releases have been postponed, important sports events are on hold, celebrations have been canceled and protests are called off. 

Famous celebrities including the likes of actor Tom Hanks and Iranian vice president Eshaq Jahangiri are infected and kept isolated. 

So far over 1.7 lakh people are infected and over 6000 people died due to the disease. 

There is a sense of tension and panic in the air. The point is not to panic but take precautions. Do basics like step outside only when essential until the lockdown is called off, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, cover your face when you sneeze or cough, etc. 

Right now, many companies and institutions have asked people to stay at home in the form of self-quarantine. This is a situation that might affect you mentally and psychologically. But fret not. 

There are things you can do while you are at home to tackle the stress and boredom due to the outbreak.

Here are some productive things you can do while you are at home:

1. Read Books

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Reading is not only fun but it has a lot of benefits. Reading can help you develop your language skills, help the brain's enhancement and remove the feeling of boredom. This is an opportunity for you to binge-read an entire series if possible. Like 'Lord of the Rings', 'Harry Potter', 'Mistborn series', 'Game of Thrones' series, etc. There are good books written by promising new age authors. 

2. Watch Movies

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Netflix and Amazon prime have become your best friends. You can spend time binge-watching your favourite series or films. You can watch 'Guilty', 'Good Newwz', 'Hunters', 'Witcher', 'Sabrina' etc. Don't limit your viewing to just outbreak-related films like 'Contagion' or 'World War Z'.  

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3. Write Something

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It's time to update your diary or blog. If possible contribute an article to websites or popular blogs. It is time to exhibit your writing skills before the world. You can write down your experiences with a homestay in the form of a poem. 

Are you creative?

If yes then write down a story. 

4. Clean Your Wardrobe

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Actress Deepika Padukone recently used her homestay productively by cleaning her wardrobe. Maybe it is time for you to do that. Clean your wardrobe and arrange the attires based on the colour, size or occasion to wear them. If there are clothes that you didn't wear much but is intact, then you can consider giving them away as part of a charity. 

5. Paint Or Do Craft

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Try making a suitable painting, charcoal drawing, or crayons colouring. These are the things that you have tried in school probably. It is time to revisit those memories. There are many simple craft tutorials online that you can try at home. 

If you have disposable plastic bottles or plastic papers, then you can try creative reuse of those. Paint them in different colours and use them as home decorations.  

6. Try Out New Recipes

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There are plenty of websites and YouTube video tutorials that suggest yummy food recipes. Try those at home, assuming that you have purchased the needed items safely. You don't need to go out just for the sake of purchasing the ingredients. 

If possible, try to make something that you have never tasted before. Like a certain North Indian or South Indian dish. If possible, try making a western dish by giving it Indian flavours. 

7. Redecorate The House

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Maybe your house is a mess and you never had the time to consider rearranging. So use this time you have productively and redecorate your house. Change the overall arrangements to give your home a completely different feeling. And clean and disinfect the surfaces just in case.  

If you have completed the craft or painting you were trying earlier, then hang it up or place it in a suitable area. 

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8. Do Gardening 

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Do you have an indoor or outdoor garden? Then try planting a sapling and take good care of it. Plants will give natural oxygen and pleasantness to your home. 

You can use the seeds from the fruits and vegetables you have already used. 

9. Sing A Song

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You have probably seen the viral videos showing Italian nationals singing out loud from their balconies the songs of hope. Well, you can take it down a notch and self learn singing. Or, you can try apps like TikTok or Smule to exhibit your singing skills. There are plenty of interesting songs and karaoke available online. 

Sing your favourite song as music serves as the best stress reliever for the brain as well. 

10. Play Board Games

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Using electronic devices for too long is also harmful to your brain. Every day, try keeping it apart for a while and do something with your hand. 

Try playing card games or board games like carroms, chess, etc.