Eight Productive Activities To Try At Home

Sheena Joseph | May 11 2020
ImageCredits: BPCreation

The pandemic and the lockdown doesn’t have to be a bunch of lazy days. You can do more than just binge-watching ‘The Office’ for the 100th time. Even though you have a temporary routine and a lot of uncertainty, the upside is that you have a few extra hours. You can use this time to learn a skill or kick-start a project that you always wanted to do. You will not only emerge from the lockdown with a productive outcome but a sense of resourcefulness. If you don’t have many pending plans to choose from, here are some of the simple, enjoyable, and productive activities you can try at home.

1. Reading

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Reading is one of the most time-consuming activities. But it comes with a bunch of perks like improved language, imagination, and knowledge. However, it can be hard to read every day after office hours and travelling. The lockdown has given you the time and energy to burn through the TBR stack. And if you don’t have a TBR stack waiting for you, it is time to create one. It is time to set up a reading challenge for yourself. You can also participate in online book clubs and reading communities. Many platforms like Scribd are offering free trial periods to promote reading. If you are not one with the patience to read, go for audiobooks.

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2. Gardening

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Plants are great companions for youngsters who want pets but don't have enough time to dedicate for them. All you have to do is take care of them for the first few weeks. If you are not familiar with the rules of gardening, many YouTubers and bloggers are online with guidance and tips. Spending time with plants can be soothing and even greatly beneficial for your mental health. Nature has more healing powers than you realise. Spending one or two hours a day will give you a baby garden within two months. A vegetable garden or a microgreens garden are also projects with great potential.

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3. Decluttering Your Home


Decluttering your home is one of the most useful things you can do. It will enhance the quality of your life instantly and your everyday life will benefit from it. It has two parts – filtering necessary items from unnecessary items and organising the chosen items. And it is essential both processes are thorough. It will take days for a thorough decluttering process. Taking cues from KonMari expert Marie Kondo will be a great idea. You will also find many videos to guide and inspire you through the process. Try to go through every single department in the house including books, clothes, stationery, kitchen, and electronics.

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4. Learn A New Language


Languages always come in handy. But it is hard for adults to learn a completely new language. However, spending an hour a day for a few months will give you a strong foundation. One of the best platforms to learn foreign languages is Duolingo. The website helps you with spelling, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and semantics. You can also support the lessons by reading stories and watching foreign TV shows. Learning a new language will give you an edge when you are travelling. But, if you are one to enjoy international movies and TV shows, learning the language will help you enjoy them even more.

5. Start A Cooking Channel


Cooking is a talent that gets better with every day you practice. Now that you are staying home, you can practice more than once a day. You can take it a step ahead if you are comfortable with the world seeing what you cook. It will not only motivate you but help others to do the same. This is also the time to experiment with your cooking skills and eating habits. If you have wanted to go vegan for a while or a detox diet or try intermittent fasting, now is the time to give it a trial period.

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6. Learn Yoga


Yoga is one of the healthiest practices you can acquire for life. It also requires time, consistent practice, and dedication. You may not have the time to research and learn new poses before you run to the office every day. But during the lockdown, taking out an hour a day to learn yoga can save your body and mind. Yoga will help you to manage weight, tone the body, strengthen muscles, improve posture, cure back pain, lower stress and anxiety, and cure diseases like PCOS. Once you learn a bunch of poses and design a routine suitable to you, following it every day is a piece of cake.

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7. Learn A Software


Tech-lovers have a great opportunity to learn new software or a new language. It will give them something extra to add on their resume. You can also take this time to work on a project that you have been putting off due to lack of time. You may even come out at the other end with something extraordinary. Free hours can also be used to reach out to fellow techies and discuss ideas. Attending webinars and online discussions will broaden your horizons.

8. Start A Blog


Running a blog on your own is no joke. You will have to spend a great deal of time on research alone. Do not forget to dedicate time to familiarise with your contemporaries. Designing your logo and setting the tone for the site’s physical appearance are equally time confusing. As a beginner, you are most likely to DIY every aspect which only makes things harder. Once you are done with everything that makes the blog readable, you need the content. No matter how good it looks, a blog cannot be pleasing without enjoyable content. The lockdown will give you long hours to write and edit your articles. You will also need to source photographs which can be a fun activity. Once the blog is online, take some time to set up social media accounts as they have become integral for success.