9 Signs That You Are A Highly Intelligent Person

Sheena Joseph | Jul 06 2019
Image credits:Pinterest

Most highly intelligent people do not know that they possess above average intelligence. Intelligence is a widely studied topic. While some are emotionally intelligent, others are excellent at problem-solving. Contrary to popular belief, memory and logical reasoning are only parts of intelligence. Not being able to ace mathematical problems or memorise long prose doesn’t make you a less intelligent person. While the popular idea of intelligence continues to suffer an incorrect reputation, there are some common traits that say you might be an exceptionally intelligent person. You don’t need to undergo IQ tests or tasks to analyse these traits. Here are 10 signs that say you are a highly intelligent person.

1. You Are A Night Owl

There are various studies that suggest night owls - people who prefer to stay up late and are most productive at night have a higher IQ than most people. It has nothing to do with developing the habit of studying at night or reading at night. Their brain is more active and efficient at night. However, do not confuse night owls aka late sleepers with insomniacs. They do not have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. They just sleep late. 


Late sleepers are known to have a longer attention span. Their brain might not even need as much sleep as others to rest and reboot. If you are one of those people who can study faster at night or come up with bright ideas at night, you are a highly intelligent person.

2. Your Room Is In Chaos

Are you one of those people whose mothers are sick of scolding them for not keeping a tidy room? Are you one of those who are sick of telling them that messy room is your element? Have you ever thought, “there isn’t anything wrong with my room. I like it this way.'' If your brain functions better in organised chaos, you are likely to be more intelligent than you think.


People with high IQ and messy room are mostly original thinkers. You might even surprise yourself and come up with great works. Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs says that “Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.”

3. You Are Familiar With Anxiety


Highly intelligent people are likely to suffer from anxiety from time to time. But your anxiety is the result of your awareness and efforts to resolve problems. The more information you have and the more curious you have, the more reasons you have to worry. Neuropsychologists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Maryland, USA tried to understand the brain activity of people with high IQ. They found a strong correlation between high intelligence and anxiety. They concluded that anxiety and intelligence may have developed together during the course of evolution.

4. You Are Considered A Silent One


Many highly intelligent people are considered introverts and socially awkward by others. If you have been mocked for not being talkative in social circles, you are not necessarily introverted but intelligent. People with high IQ struggle to make small talk. This makes them look like the silent ones who are shy and easily intimidated. But the truth is that you just haven’t found your people yet. When you are put with people of your own calibre and interests, you might turn out to be a chatterbox.

5. You Love Perfection


Do you keep thinking about that project you could have done better? There is nothing wrong with you. You just want things to be perfect and do it to the best of your ability. Striving for perfection is one of the notable qualities of highly intelligent people. When working on a project, you explore all the perspectives you can think of and would love to make multiple drafts. Submitting the first draft of the assignment is your worst nightmare. It could be because your brain is pleasantly involved in the project and keep coming up with better ideas.

6. You Are Curious



Scientists from the University of Toronto and the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital have discovered proof that curiosity and intelligence are correlated. Exploratory behaviour is associated with better processing of information, memory, and learning abilities. It is no secret that people remember the answers they figured out themselves better than spoon-fed ones. Highly intelligent people have more doubts and questions because they think of more possibilities than others. The same curiosity encourages them to find answers too. If you cannot stop thinking about how climate change is going to be the end of life on earth, you might be highly intelligent.

7. You Are Funny



If you are one with quick, sharp wit, chances are you are exceptionally intelligent. Clever comebacks and one-liners are your 'thing'. Your friends can always rely on you to humour them. Several studies indicate that sharp wit is a sign of high intelligence. Albert Einstein had a child-like sense of humour. It takes cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence to come up with jokes. It involves not only processing the information but finding the odd angle as well as higher verbal and non-verbal intelligence.

8. You Are Intuitive



Intuition is one of the greatest talents one can possess. Did you know that guy is bad news five minutes into the date? Did you always suspect that colleague to be a snitch? Did you know that dress will be a disaster without ever going near it? If yes, you are intuitive. It is one of the signs of high intelligence. Intuition is nothing but accelerant for methodical thinking and conclusiveness. It gives you an upper hand when it comes to judging behaviour. You are faster and more accurate than most people. And you don't even have to consciously consider and analyse every factor in question.

9. You Are Empathetic And Compassionate


Empathy and compassion aren’t qualities that a lot of people possess. Many are sensitive, but being compassionate and empathetic is more than that. Empathy is a rare state of mind which can be defined as mental processes that allow a person to recognize emotional states in others. They experience an exact match of the precise emotions and sensations felt by them. If you have always been able to put yourself in others’ shoes and understand them, it is a clear sign that you are highly intelligent. Empathy and compassion are parts of high emotional intelligence.