10 Tips To Develop A Better Morning Routine

Sheena Joseph | Jun 01 2019
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A good day starts with a great morning. If you wake up late and rush to the office without eating breakfast, the day is very unlikely to be delightful. An energising morning routine is the start of a productive day. It is a simple task that most people fail to follow up. You can master the art of making every morning beautiful with a little planning and a lot of conviction. Following these ten simple steps will make sure you start the day on a positive note. Ten may seem like a big number considering most people are in a hurry in the morning. But, these are steps you can easily incorporate into a short time. Following them without fail will have a positive impact on your life.

1. Do Not Snooze


Procrastination is the worst concept you can start a day with. Wake up right after the alarm goes off. Snoozing is not a habit you want to cultivate. Most people crave for that extra five or ten minute’s sleep. But, you are not actually resting in those few minutes. Your brain is already alert that if you sleep, you will be late. Some people even end up being grumpy after snoozing for a few minutes. Or worse, you may actually fall asleep and be late for everything. Disable the snooze feature on your phone. You will be used to waking up when the alarm goes off within a week.  

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2. No Screen Time Until Breakfast


Checking your phone right after waking up is not a great way to start the day. No matter how many work emails you have to check or how obsessed you are with Instagram, make sure that your mornings are reserved for you. Diving right into work is a habit that you must eliminate from your morning routine. It is better to keep your phone away until you have breakfast. If you already have the habit of checking your phone as soon as waking up, the wise step is to break up ASAP. You must realise that you are spending precious time that can be utilised for other things.     

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3. Start With Hydrating



The human body gets dehydrated at night. It is only natural as you haven’t had water for the past eight or more hours. Drink a glass of water right after you wake up. It is a must-include in your morning routine. It will not only replenish the body with water but start the process of detoxing. You will feel refreshed and ready to start the day. Water is essential for the proper functioning of internal organs. Starting the day with drinking water will ensure that you are back on your feet. This habit will also increase the body's efficiency to fight against infections. And, it is not necessary that you stop at one glass. Go for another if you do not feel refreshed with just one glass of water.

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4. Nothing Replaces Exercise



This is the best habit you will develop in your life. Regular exercise will keep your body and mind fit. Incorporating a workout routine into the day will help you balance blood pressure, reduce stress, and sleep better. But, working out in the morning will keep you energised for the rest of the day. You will not be walking into office or college with groggy eyes and half-asleep brain. It will make your muscles stronger and improve blood circulation. The habit of working out will be proven beneficial in the long run, especially on the bad days when you are going through PMS or back from a long trip.

5. Plan Your Breakfast



Skipping breakfast is probably the most dangerous and widely practised habit. This will lead to declining health, unstable blood sugar levels, and increase the risk of obesity. While all these long-term risk matters, you are likely to feel low on energy and grumpy during the day because your body hasn’t received its energy supply. Start your day with a nutrient-rich breakfast. Make a weekly plan for breakfast, so that you have all the necessary ingredients in the morning. And make time to sit down and eat breakfast. Rushing through it is a bad start for the day. It is part of making sure that the mornings belong to you.

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6. Splash Of Water


No matter how cold the day is, make sure you shower before leaving the house. If you have developed the habit of working out, you do not have the choice of skipping shower because you don’t want to show up to work and stink of sweat. But, splashing cold water on to your body has its perks. It will increase alertness, improves immunity and blood circulation, speeds up recovery from muscle soreness after working out, and relieves stress. A shower can also make you feel fresh and boost your confidence.    


7. Plan The Next Day


A productive morning cannot be filled with confusion and anxiety. Make a to-do list every night before going to sleep. This will help you to be organised in the morning and plan accordingly. If you have a meeting with a client or you are swinging by a friend’s house in the morning, put that on the list. Even the tasks that don’t require a lot of physical effort also deserves a spot on the list. It might be as trivial as tracking the parcel that is supposed to arrive today. Try to allot appropriate time for each task. If you have an idea of how your day is going to be, you will not worry about how you are going to do all these in a single day.

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8. Do Not Jump Into Multitasking


Despite having a lot of things on the list, multitasking right away might not be the best idea for a pleasant morning. Starting on a slow pace and getting things done one by one will make you feel more in control. Multitasking requires tons of energy. If you start the day by multitasking, it will be like burning fast and bright. Some studies like research conducted at Stanford University suggests that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time.

9. Say No



Learning to say ‘no’ is one of the greatest achievements in life. But, it holds a special place in your morning routine and being productive. Your plan for the day is designed as per your convenience and comfort. Do not include more tasks unless you really want to. They may drain you of energy, make you less efficient, and deviate you from the set goals. If someone is offering you a task or asking for your time, you are allowed to say ‘no’.

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10. Clean Up The Workspace


A clean workspace will enhance productivity, and it has an even greater effect on your mood. It is never too late to develop this habit. If you come to a messy desk, take five minutes to organise the space before start working. It is okay if you mess up the desk by the end of the day. Take time to clean up the next morning or before leaving the office.