Nine Tips To Look Professional At Work

Sheena Joseph | Jun 26 2019
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Your appearance at work is way more important than it should be. The number of tasks you have successfully finished might be overlooked if you have not made efforts to look professional. It is easy for your superior officers to dismiss you before they look at your work. You do not have to dramatically change into a different person or spend thousands of bucks on formal clothes. Taking care of a few things will ensure that your boss and colleagues do not rule you out as messy or unkempt. Here are nine tips to look professional and be more presentable at work.

1. Personal Grooming Is Key



It is a fact that well-groomed people are more successful. If you are consistent with personal hygiene and care, you are likely to be more confident, which will help you to explore the best of your potential. When you look neat, you come across as someone with high self-esteem, and you also end up making long-lasting positive impressions. When it comes to representing the team, you have a higher chance of being chosen. A well-groomed body doesn’t require you to spend hours in a saloon. All you have to do to look professional is to maintain personal hygiene and cut your nails. 

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2. Tame Your Locks


Hair is an important part of your appearance. It can make you look put together and chic as well as messy and careless. Hair can be tricky to deal with. Styling it with heat every day can lead to damage. But, you don’t have to look like the women on TV. Find a hairstyle that suits you and looks professional. This will make sure your hair does not look messy. Be sure to wash and condition your hair regularly. And, do not go to the office with wet or oily hair. Maintaining the hairstyle with regular trimming and hair care regime will ensure that you look professional all the time.

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3. Prep Your Wardrobe


The first rule of being presentable is wearing clean and pressed clothes. Wearing wrinkled clothes in the office is a huge mistake. You can pick out the clothes you plan on wearing throughout the week and press them on Sunday. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right outfit or losing time pressing the clothes in the morning. Another common mistake with workwear is clothes that are either too fit or too loose. Both of them will make you look at someone who doesn’t care about wearing appropriate clothes or who haven’t made the effort to be presentable. Take time out and alter your clothes to the appropriate size.

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4. Find Yourself Right Shoes



Wearing the wrong shoes with an amazing outfit can ruin the entire look. You don’t want to wear a pair of shabby flip flops with any outfit. Purchase a few pairs of clean-looking shoes in colours that can be worn with any clothes. And, make sure they are comfortable. High heels and pumps may look great. But if you end up limping around the office, they are no good to you. Find a style that is suitable for your work environment. In the right colour and design, even sneakers can look good with every outfit. It is also important to make sure that they are clean and polished all the time.

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5. The Signature Scent



Who doesn’t want an impressive scent around them? Finding the right fragrance can be tough, but it is worth the effort, especially if you live in humid conditions. But, you should be clever about choosing a perfume for the office. Every scent that you love and suits you may not be appropriate for the office. Woody and spice notes aren’t suitable for formal occasions. Set them aside for a date or a party. Floral and citrus notes are refreshing and will make you presentable. You can experiment with different perfumes until you find the right one. It is a good idea to carry a mini bottle in your bag as no perfume is likely to last longer than five hours. If you have a meeting in the evening, spray it again. 

6. No Loud Accessories


Accessories have the power to pep up a boring outfit. But, too much of it can make you a misfit at work. In most of the offices, minimal accessories are recommended. Choose sophisticated and elegant accessories that aren’t over the top. Funky jewellery is not recommended. If you are wearing Indian outfits, try to choose jewellery that does not make much noise. Heavy anklets and bangles that announce your arrival are not suitable for work atmosphere.

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7. No Flashy Colours


Similar to loud jewellery, flashy colours are also a big no at offices. You can wear dark and bold colours but stay away from fluorescent colours. You may be absolutely in love with the neon trend. But, they give away more vacation vibes than conference room vibes. It could lead the superior officers to think that you are not serious about your work or career. However, if you are determined to experiment and take risks, try to be as minimal as possible. Incorporate colours like neon yellow and neon pink to shoes and necklaces. The neon colours must not overpower the entire look. 

8. The Blazer Trick

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If you think you don’t look professional enough, throw on a blazer. They have a magical ability to make you look professional in no time. You can wear a blazer with most of the outfits. If you are a jeans and top girl, you can wear the blazer on top of your tunic without thinking twice. The trick will work with even a dress if you match the colours carefully. Devoting a session of your wardrobe for blazers will not be a waste of money or space. Fill it with a classic black blazer, a blue blazer with oversized buttons, an egg-yolk yellow blazer, an hourglass houndstooth blazer, and a corduroy blazer. You can also play with colours and designs like red, mustard yellow, stripes, and florals.

9. Black - The Safe Zone


If you cannot decide what to wear to work, stick to black. It is a colour that you can never go wrong with. You can find endless options for workwear in black. Black shoes will go with any outfit you choose to wear. Black trousers, shirts, and blazers also do the same trick. You may find it boring in a while, but no one will ever call you unprofessional.