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10 Wonderful Facts About Lavender And Its Amazing Benefits

BP World Research | Feb 11 2019
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These lovely flowers are known for its fabulous color and fragrance. Grown in different parts of the world, lavender has many benefits and stories behind the good looks and odor.  

A Mediterranean plant, lavender is found in many parts of Europe, Canary Islands, some part of African and South East Asia.

   1. Lavender- What does this mean?


‘Lavare’, in Latin means ‘to wash’. History says, lavender got its name from this word that means ‘to wash’.

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As per people who study the history of lavender, the word lavender would have originated because these flowers were used to ‘wash and purify the body and soul’ by the ancient people.

Many part of the world such as Persia, Greece and Rome during ancient times used Lavender as a bath additive.


   2. Which is the most famous of all Lavenders?


Lavender, the purple flowers is originated in the Mediterranean region. They are not just one variety.

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The most valued variety in the perfume industry is the ‘English Lavender’. English Lavender is found in the English country gardens.

The one used by the ancient Romans however was not the English lavender. They used the French breed (Lstoechas). This variety of lavender is said to have more medicinal properties when compared to the other variants of the flower.


    3. How to use the Lavender oil as a perfume?


There are many super use of lavender, from its fragrance point of view. Topical application of a small quantity of this aromatic oil made by distilling lavender flowers can bring in happiness and solace to the one wearing the fragrance and the people around.

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In some cultures, women who are on labor, hold a bunch of lavender flowers in their hand. As the belief goes, this can make the lobor easy by giving the mother inner strength and courage.

Dried lavender flowers in a sachet can make the house filled with good fragrance. This is also a good moth and insect repellent. Lavender was used as a fragrance agent during Victorian times.


   4. How is Lavender used in Aromatherapy?


A holistic healing method that is done by natural oils that are herbal extracts is what aromatherapy is all about. Aromatherapy uses essential oils in order to improve health and wellness of people.


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Researches done around this has proved that aroma therapy has many health benefits. There are evidences that dates back 2500 years with regards to aromatherapy practiced by Egyptians. 

Lavender is used by therapists as an important essential oil in aromatherapy. Oil extracted by distilling lavender flowers is mixed with other oils for the topical application that is part of this therapy.


   5. How is Lavender Used in Hydrotherapy?

Water and its internal and external use based treatment system is what is called hydrotherapy. Steam bath, foot bath, saunas, hot water dip and jaccusi are all part of hydrotherapy.

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Ancient Romans used to have hot water tubs. Natural hot water springs were used by ancient people for theraputic purposes. Japan had public hot water tanks were people dipped themselves naked.

Both aromatherapy and hydrotherepy has its own health benefits. So to get the goodness of both, essential oils are used in hydrotherapy. Lavender oil id one of the most prefered to use in hydrotherapy.


   6. What are the Goodness of Lavender Tea


Lavender tea is made with lavender flowers. It could be fresh flowers or dry flowers. With delicate aroma of the flower, the tea offers health benefits along with its refreshing and energizing properties.


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Lavender tea claims to improve sleep, boost immunity, enhance digestive health, detoxifies body and is useful for respiratory health. What is recommended for making tea is organic lavender flowers for getting the true and complete benefits of lavender tea.

The lavender tea preparation is not difficult. Lavender tea can be best made with lose tea than with tea bags. The flowers used can be both fresh and dry. Brief process to make the lavender tea is give here:

Heat water in a sauce pan to a temperature of upto around 70-80 degree Celsius. Place the lavender flowers in a tea infuser and place the same inside a teacup. Pour hot water into the cup and wait for around 10 minutes.  Remove the infuser and enjoy the refreshing aromatic lavender tea.

   7. How does lavender help in sleep therapy, depression and anxiety?


So many of us suffer from various sleep disorders. Social, biological and psychological reasons are behind the various sleep problems people suffer from.


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There are multiple sleep therapies that prevail. Goodness of lavender can be used in many of these therapies. Aroma therapy using lavender oil, drinking good lavender tea, bathing with aromatic lavender oil are all very useful methods to induce sleep.

Lavender flowers in sachet can be placed under the pillow and lavender oil can be applied on your pillow to get a soothing night’s sleep.

There are proven research evidences about how lavender is useful in the treatment of anxiety and restlessness.  Studies show that intake of certain doses of lavender can reduce anxiety and symptoms associated with anxiety such as restlessness and disturbed sleep. 

   8. Lavender magic in cakes and pastries.


Lavender, member of a mint family is a great ingredient to use for cooking. We have seen how lavender flowers are used for making lavender tea. Similarly, the flowers or the distilled lavender oil can be used in baking.

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With edible organic lavender oil or lavender buds, cake can be backed that are mildly flowerily flavored and delicious.


   9. Where to go to experience the lavender blooms and gardens


When it comes to lavender, the first place to mention is Provence, in France. The blooming season here is from mid June to early July mostly. However based on the severity of winter the blooming season might vary in different places around Provence. In some area it would go up to mid-August.


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Why is Provence so popular? There are many countries that are famous for lavender. English country gardens area beautiful lavender sights as well. But Provence is special when it comes to lavenders. The climate, history and how the place has evolved as a haven for lavender, makes Provence attractive.

It’s said that the lavender flowers were introduced to Provence, during 600 BC by traders. Today, Provence is one of the largest places in the world to farm and produce lavender.

Apart from its perfumery uses, lavender now is used in food and for various therapies.

Lavender tea, cakes, ice creams and even cheese decorated with ice cream are available in Provence.

Lovely farm stays and acres of beds of lavender makes Provence a dream place for vacation.


   10. Are there any side effects of lavender?


Use of lavender started during ancient civilization. There are no notable side effects for lavender.


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