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12 Ways To Calm Your Mind Immediately

Sheena Joseph | May 27 2019
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Have you ever gone through a sudden wave of anxiety? It is more or less like a combination of confusion, anger, and sadness. We all feel worried and helpless from time to time. Anxiety is one of the states that do not let you go with your business. This state of mind is an expert at announcing its presence. Anxiety is hard to deal with it.

But, on some occasions, you simply do not have the time for it. Maybe you have an important presentation at office. Maybe you need to cook dinner before children come home hungry. Or maybe, you cannot submit to this emotion that chokes you anymore. You are not alone. There might not be a soul on earth who has never experienced anxiety.

The good news is that you can calm down immediately with the help of some tips. You should have a certain amount of control over your body and mind. All you need to do is figure out what works for you and what does not. Here are 12 ways to calm your mind immediately.

1. Sort Out Your Thoughts


Trying to shut down your raving thoughts is not going to help you. You have to admit that you are feeling anxious and angry. Try to look through the thoughts rather than shutting them down. If you can identify the reason behind the anger or anxiety, finding a solution and eliminating confusing thoughts will be easier. Knowing the source of distress always help. The reason might be as small as losing a pen or crossing paths with an unpleasant person. Once you identify the reason, you will feel better because you understand the magnitude of the problem.

2. Inhale Peppermint Steam



Peppermint is known for its calming properties. It has the ability to relax muscles and relieve tension. Infuse two or three drops of peppermint essential oil into boiling water and inhale it. It will immediately provide reduce anxiety and instantly calm you. Peppermint can soothe the body within seconds. If applied on temples and forehead, it will provide a cooling effect which will make you feel better in an anxious state.

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3. Catch Your Breath



Anxiety can take over the control of your breathing pattern quickly, which in turn will make you more anxious because you cannot think clearly with inadequate oxygen supply. Focus on your breathing and try to take long breaths. Close your eyes and inhale for three seconds and exhale for three seconds. Try to think positive and do it slowly.    

4. Drop Your Shoulders


Human body and mind are connected. One is bound to suffer is the other is in trouble. When you are feeling anxious or tense, the body posture will change. Correcting the posture will have a positive impact on your struggle. Sit up tall and drop your shoulders. Bring your shoulder blades together and drop them again. Make sure to take deep breaths while doing it. You will feel better and in sound mind within five minutes.

5. Go On A Walk



There is little that cannot be fixed by a nice long walk. It is an excellent way to divert your mind and inhale more oxygen and socialise. In fact, regularly going on a walk will improve your mental health and reduce the risk of depression by at least 30 per cent. Mindfulness plays an important role in fighting anxiety. It is the awareness of your surroundings and thoughts. Walking is an easy way to practice mindfulness. You do not have to walk as if you are trying to burn fat. Take your time. Stroll around the park or along the beach in your own pace. Being close to nature also helps.  

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6. Pectoral Door Stretch



Walking isn't the only physical activity that will help you to calm your mind immediately. If you absolutely hate going outdoors when you are anxious, you can try a pectoral door stretch. It is a fun activity. Place your elbow and forearm on the edge of an open door frame and stretch the chest forward. Hold the position for about five seconds and revert. Repeat the movement for three times with both arms.

7. Wall Angel Exercise


There is something about flying that is liberating and relaxing. Since we cannot fly, we will have to be happy with the walk angel exercise. Sit down on the floor against a wall and lean your back flat against the wall. Position your arms as if you are holding something. Do not take the arms away from the wall. Slowly lift the arms up to the position where your body and arms are in a straight line. Repeat the exercise a few times.

8. Progressive Muscle Relaxation



It is one of the popular techniques amongst psychologists and wellness advocates. It is known as ‘squeezing the stress away’. Each muscle group in the body is relaxed through this process. You can start with your hands and legs. Squeeze them tight, hold for a few seconds, and release. Focus on one part of the body and take one at a time. This will release the tension from the entire body.

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9. Do What You Love


Engaging an activity, preferably one that involves physical activity, that you love and enjoy will help you to get rid of anxiety. This will make you feel refreshed and take your mind off of confusing thoughts. It could be anything from swimming, gardening, dancing, aerobic routines, or skipping ropes.

10. Look At The Big Picture


Every time you are stuck with anxiety, think about the last time you experienced it. It is never as bad as it appears to be. You need to look at the big picture and realise that this episode also will pass. Ask yourself about the future of the thoughts that is troubling you. Is a lost pen going to trouble me next week? Tell yourself how trivial and momentary this struggle is. The presentation you are worried about is today. You can go home relaxed. Focus your thoughts on the evening.


11. Visualise Your Happy Place



Images have the ability to evoke powerful memories and emotions. When you are experiencing anxiety, visualise your happy place to calm your mind immediately. It can be a place that you want to be at, or you frequently visit. It can be a beach, your garden, or your bed. Visualising them and imagining yourself being on those places will create a sense of calm and safety in your mind.

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12. Write Down Your Thoughts



Having clarity and expressing yourself will help you make peace with the underlying issues. Writing down your thoughts will help you through this process. You may find it hard to do it in the beginning. But, the trouble will be worthwhile. Focusing on the words and the being involved in an activity will calm your mind.