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5 Amazing Benefits Of Aromatherapy. The Last One Is The Best

BP World Research | Feb 04 2019
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A holistic healing method done using natural oils that are herbal extracts is what aromatherapy is all about. Aromatherapy uses essential oils in order to improve the health and wellness of people hence is also called ‘essential oil therapy’.

There are pieces of evidence that dates back 2500 years with regards to aromatherapy practised by Egyptians. Some research says that essential oils were in use for the last 6000 years or more.

According to National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy(NAHA), which is a non-profit organization working on elevating the academic standards around this alternative treatment, aromatherapy is "the therapeutic application or the medicinal use of aromatic substances (essential oils) for holistic healing."

According to experts controlled use of essential oil helps to promote physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.  

There are many benefits of aromatherapy and the most important five are here below.

 1.  Aromatherapy relieves stress

There are a few kinds of research available regarding the effect of aromatherapy on stress. They are encouraging with regards to its positive effect on stress. 


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A study done at the University of Montana among college students says that aromatherapy positively benefitted the participants in reducing stress. The group on which the study was conducted as well as the control group had been having stress related to exams.

Research findings say that aromatherapy can reduce the level of ‘cortisol’ that is the stress hormones. Aromatherapy has seen promoting calm among infants.

2. Enhancing energy is possible with aromatherapy

We do various things to boost mood. Routine such as morning coffee and tea are all meant to serve this purpose.

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Lately, people are looking at aromatherapy as an option to enhance energy. Many aromatic essential oils are known to have properties that would enhance energy levels.

Aromatic natural substances such as cinnamon, clove, tea tree and cardamom are good to boost energy. A hot brew of these can give that extra push of positive energy.

In some cultures, women in labour are suggested to hold a bouquet of lavender in their hands to boost energy to ease labour.

 3.  Aromatherapy is good to boost mood

Studies say that moods can impact our general wellbeing. There are sprouts of sadness and depression many people experience, especially women.

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Similarly, there are many observations around how fragrance can change our mood. There is a scientific backup for this finding. Smell is processed directly through the olfactory receptors. These olfactory receptors are connected directly to the limbic system that is the emotional Centre. This would mean the processing of smell is quickly completed before the involvement of ‘cortex’.

Similarly, we associate odour to our experienceAn odour that is associated with a pleasant experience brings in happiness while a negative relationship of odour and experience evoke bad feeling.

So having the desired fragrance around you can enhance your mood. Be it lighting an aroma candle or infuser, having a dish with your favourite scent, topically applying your favourite fragrance to a gentle massage with essential oil can all get your mood shifted to the best.

 4. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

There are proven research pieces of evidence about how lavender is useful in the treatment of anxiety and restlessness. 

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According to research, consuming certain doses of lavender can bring down the level of anxiety. It also helps to control and symptoms associated with anxiety such as restlessness and disturbed sleep. 

 5. Enhance the Quality of Sleep

Sleep disorders are common today. The reason for sleep disorders could be many. Social, biological and psychological reasons are behind the various sleep problems people suffer from.


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There is evidence based on scientific studies that aromatherapy is effective in sleep disorders such as insomnia. Lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang have proven properties to help improve sleep. Aromatherapy helps to balance sleep cycle again reestablishing circadian rhythms.

There are multiple sleep therapies that prevail. The goodness of lavender can be used in many of these therapies. Aromatherapy using lavender oil, drinking good lavender tea, bathing with aromatic lavender oil are all very useful methods to induce sleep.

Lavender flowers in sachet can be placed under the pillow and lavender oil can be applied on your pillow to get a soothing night’s sleep.