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Any Vaginal Bleeding Other Than Menstruation Is Abnormal: Experts

BP World Bureau | Jun 27 2020
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Dr Anu Vij, a consultant of obstetrics and gynaecology, said that any other bleeding that comes from the vagina, other than menstrual blood is abnormal. 

She said that there is something wrong with the woman's body if vaginal bleeding occurs between a woman’s periods, after sex, after menopause, or during pregnancy.

And, if periods are heavier and tend to last for a long span of time, then it is a sign of danger.

Vaginal bleeding can happen due to certain medications, hormonal imbalances (like oestrogen and progesterone imbalance), thyroid gland problems, and vaginal douching.

Apart from that, vaginal bleeding occurs due to uterine fibroids; sexually transmitted infections (STI); a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) that leads to inflammation of one’s reproductive organs causing scarring; vaginal, uterus or cervical cancer.