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Children From Academic Family May Feel Stress During University Phase: Study

BP World Bureau | Jun 28 2020
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Children who come from a family of scholars or academics tend to experience more stress while starting their university period when compared to those children from non-academic families, revealed a study published in Frontiers of Psychiatry.

Professor Alex Bertrams from the University of Bern and Dr Nina Minkley from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (RUB), authors of the research, said that it is because these students may be stressed by the fear of jeopardising the social status of their families if they fail their exams.

The body releases an increased amount of the hormone cortisol, which also reaches growing hair and is stored there if the levels remain high.

Researchers managed to check the stress levels in an individual by analysing the hair. 

Researchers analysed those female students from academic households are more under greater pressure because failing their study would result in a loss of status for them.