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11 Dangerous Food Combinations That You Should Avoid

Sheena Joseph | Jul 28 2019
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Everyone knows that milk and lemon should not be consumed together. Milk curdles when lemon is added to it. This can cause gas and bloating in the stomach. But many such toxic food combinations are hiding in plain sight. Many of us probably plating them up every day without knowing their true nature. We are used to eating meat, fruits, and smoothies thinking that it is a balanced diet. But Ayurveda and modern hygienists will disagree with you. If you have not thought about dangerous food combinations before, here are 11 combinations to start with.

1. Bacon and Eggs

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It is probably the most popular breakfast on holidays. Who does not like a good English breakfast? Crispy bacon and perfectly cooked eggs with a few sausages on the side will give all the protein you need. But this so-called perfect breakfast is protein overdose. The human digestive system prefers one protein at a time. Bacon and eggs are two high proteins at once. It will tax the digestive system and it takes longer to digest. The same rule applies to Surf and Turf too. Seafood and beef together will give your stomach a hard time.

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2. Yoghurt and Fruits

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This is bad news for all yoghurt smoothie fans out there. We thought combining nutrient-rich foods and a probiotic is the best thing to do. It turns out to be an incongruous food combination as yoghurt contains bacteria that will act on the sugar present in fruits. The reaction will result in toxins, cold and allergies. Ayurveda says that this combination will change the intestinal flora. However, combining yoghurt with dried fruits like raisins don't cause problems. You can also use honey or cinnamon to add flavour to yoghurt.

3. Banana and Milk

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If you love banana milkshake and thinks that it is a great drink after a workout session, you are not alone. But you are also making a mistake. Banana and milk is a dangerous food combination that is heavy on the stomach. It will hinder the digestion process and disturbs the sleeping pattern. Ayurveda says that eating a banana with milk my result in the formation of toxins and allergies. It also generates additional water in the body and blocks body channel. If you are craving banana milkshake, add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon to it. This will stimulate digestion.

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4. Tomato and Cucumber

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This combination is probably the most surprising one in the lot. Tomato and cucumber are two healthy ingredients that grace most salads. They go well in terms of flavour. But works against each other in the stomach. Tomato is a great source of vitamin C. But cucumbers contain an enzyme that interferes with the absorption of vitamin C. Basically, eating cucumbers will nullify the effects of eating tomatoes. Not to mention that the digestive tract doesn’t take it well.

5. Beans and Cheese

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Guacamole is considered one of the healthiest foods. But the combination of cheese and beans paves the way to a bunch of digestion related problems including gas and bloating. If you have a weak digestive system, never mix beans with cheese. Beans alone don’t cause gas or bloating. Beans alone are a rich source of protein. Rice and beans complement each other. They promote the best of each other when they are eaten together.

6. Meat and Potatoes

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Meat is often accompanied by potatoes. It does taste delicious with mashed or grilled potatoes. In Indian cooking, beef and chicken are cooked with potatoes. But the lack of fibre and high saturated fat will cause digestive problems. Taking any carbohydrates like potatoes with meat is not a good idea. If you have been eating this combination for years, the chances of developing immunity are high. However, if you have not tried it before, there is no reason to start now.

7. Pasta and Tomatoes

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If you are fond of continental cuisine, you have cooked pasta in tomato sauce more times than you can remember. But it is likely to lead to stomach problems stemming from a lack of proper digestion. Tomatoes contain few acids that can weaken the enzymes in starchy pasta. This will prevent the food from digesting properly and cause meal fatigue. Pesto sauce is your safe option with pasta.

8. Mint and Aerated Drinks

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Mint is considered to be a truly dangerous food combination with aerated drinks. It is believed that when peppermint is combined with aerated drinks (in the stomach), it forms a fatal toxic compound called cyanide. It will only happen if peppermint and aerated drinks are combined in the right proportions. But you wouldn't want to experiment with the proportions in your stomach, right?

9. Chocolate and Ritalin

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There are very few people who don't like chocolate. And why not? It can be paired with almost any food including wine and meat. But never pair it with Ritalin. For those who don’t know, Ritalin is a commonly used medication for ADHD. The reason you feel energetic after eating chocolate is its stimulants. Caffeine isn't the only one in play here. It has a stimulant called theobromine. When Ritalin is combined with caffeine and theobromine, the effects will be more than what the body can handle. It can lead to erratic behaviour and seizures.

10. Alcohol and Paracetamol

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This is one of the most dangerous food combinations. Alcohol and paracetamol should not be consumed within six hours. The same rule applies to any medication containing acetaminophen. This includes all over-the-counter and prescription pain killer and cold medicines. The body uses the same enzyme to break down alcohol and acetaminophen. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, stay away from paracetamol. This combination will lead to kidney and liver diseases.

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11. Smoked Meat and Antidepressants

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Your happy pills have the potential to kill you if used carelessly. Antidepressants belong to a class called monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs. They should never be mixed with foods rich in amino acids. Smoked meat has amino acid tyramine. This combination will spike blood pressure to life-threatening scale in no time. Foods like sausage, smoked salmon, red wine, sauerkraut, hot dogs, aged cheeses, soy sauce, and home-brewed beer are also high in amino acids.