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10 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Working Women

Sheena Joseph | Apr 06 2019
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Eat your breakfast like a king.  Well or queen, in the case of women. That’s what the elders always said. Yet, a lot of us run to office without sitting down for a proper breakfast. The struggle to get out of the bed is real. But, this habit will undoubtedly cost you your health. You are denying the body of nutrients and glucose with skipping breakfast. The organs that way will struggle to function, and the blood sugar balance is thrown off balance.

Healthy breakfast ideas are the great way to rescue the day. The logic is quite simple. You have been starving for the past eight or more hours, and you will not be having lunch for another three or four hours. Your body and brain are craving for energy. It cannot survive on oxygen alone. But, most people do not have the time to even think about these facts. If you do not have the time to make a breakfast spread, go for a healthy plate that is easy and quick to make. Here are 10 easy healthy breakfast ideas for working women.

1. Smoothies On The Go


They are the ultimate quick, healthy fixes that every woman love. The best thing about smoothies is that they can be made in literally two minutes. But, the second best thing about smoothies is their diversity. You can freeze any fruits at night and put them in the blender in the morning. It is the best way to eat many fruits with various health benefits. You can also squeeze in the food items you absolutely hate in their too. If you love strawberry and hate papaya, sneak in a few pieces of papaya in your strawberry smoothie, and you have replenished the body with vitamin C and E. If you don’t have time to sit down and gulp it down, you can have the smoothie on the go too. But, be sure to prepare a substantial portion for breakfast.

2.  A Toast To Health


Toast has been one of the healthy breakfast ideas for ages. Similar to smoothies, they also can be personalised as per your preferences. Most healthy breakfast recipes for working women that is rich in folate is avocado toast that is packed with it. You can worry less about missing the morning workout session too as avocados have only good fat. But, you don’t need to limit your easy, healthy breakfast recipes to avocados. Look at varieties each day to kill the boredom. Treat yourself with any flavour you love such as nut butter and berries. Incorporate more nutrition with healthy ingredients such as chia seeds and banana. But, play around with them, and be creative in making jams or simply caramelise the banana.

3.  The Good Old Idli



Idlis are one of the common breakfast dishes in South Indian household. The best thing is the batter is prepared the previous day. Today ready made batter is available in your nearby supermarket.

Idlis are steamed batte and contains fewer calories but provide a sufficient amount of carbs to the body. If you pair them with a sambar or coconut chutney, they are delicious too. But, you don’t have to stick to the traditional idlis. Switch on your experimental self and innovate some easy, healthy breakfast recipes. Oats idli and rava/ semolina idli are popular among working women as they are more flavourful. Adding grated veggies and grated coconut also enhances the flavour. Organic ready made Idli mix is available in the market today which takes you only two minutes to prepare the batter.

4. Spice Up With Upma



Upma is another easy-to-fix breakfast idea for working women. It can be made in less than 10 minutes. You can spice up this dish with any ingredient of your choice. Chillies and onions are classic combinations to incorporate in Upma. Adding curry leaves and mustard also elevates the taste. If you add chopped vegetables, it becomes a full nutrient dish. Upma tastes the best right after cooking which fits into your busy schedule too.

5. Put Some Colour On Dosa



Dosa might remind you of simplicity. But, being one of the healthiest breakfast dishes, you can deliberately give dosa a makeover and give it a nutritional boost. Adding grated carrots or beetroots as toppings are not new to South Indians. But the makeover doesn’t have to be limited to toppings. Try changing the batter itself, and you can come up with a bunch of healthy breakfast recipes for working women. Ragi/ finger millet dosa and rava/ semolina dosa are delicious and colourful. As you have to prepare the batter the night before, you can cook the dosa within 10 minutes in the morning.

6.  Granola Bars For Batch Cooking Fans


There is no other recipe that is healthy and time-saving at the same time as granola bars. You don’t even have to make breakfast every day. Pick up all your favourite nuts and seeds on Sunday and mix them and bake. Batch cooking can save you a lot of time on busy mornings. Eating granola bars don’t even require you to sit down. Oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dates, walnuts, flax seeds and dates are the commonly used ingredients. However, you can add any dry fruit and seed of your choice.

7.  Oatmeal For Cookie Lovers


It might be hard to put concepts of breakfast recipes for working women together with the concept of making the same healthy. But, it is effortless with oatmeal. If you like oatmeal but cannot eat every day in the porridge form, go bake some cookies. They can be made in big batches on Sundays and the rest of the week’s breakfast is sorted. You can use ingredients of your choice to make cookies different in flavour and taste such as cinnamon, raisins, orange or nuts.

8.  Superfood Pudding


Who wouldn’t love to start their mornings on a sweet note? You don’t have to wake up an hour ago and work in the kitchen to make puddings in the morning. You can make most puddings at night and refrigerate overnight. Blueberries, chia, pear, apple, and quinoa are some of the common choices. Be creative with the combinations. Caramelised apple trifles, apple cinnamon bread pudding, oats and blueberry pudding are delicious ways to start your day.

9.  Fruit Bowls With Extra Something


Fruits bowls are healthy and make anyone happy. They are refreshing and replenish the body with water and vitamins. But, when you want more from easy, healthy breakfast recipes, fruits alone might not be enough. This could also be your chance to sneak in some dark green leaves and nuts or seeds. Exploit the opportunity to include some superfoods like goji berry and quinoa in your diet.

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10.  Whole Grain Pancakes


Pancakes can be incredibly versatile. Using whole grains instead of all purpose flour will put them in the healthy category right away. They can be personalised as per your preferences. If you are in the mood for savoury, be at leisure with chillies and ginger in the fridge. But, for your sweet tooth, maple syrup, honey, jaggery syrup or fruits will make great choices.

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