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Function Of Clitoris Is Proof That Women Are Meant To Have Pleasure: Says Study

BP World Bureau | Nov 16 2020
Image credits: Twitter

The clitoris in women is a less-discussed organ. The function of it is often left without details. The sole function of the clitoris is found for nothing but to arouse female sexual pleasure or orgasm. 

Several women researchers noticed a lack of research and a persistent lack of knowledge about an essential part of the female reproductive system.

It is often believed that sex is meant for men as a pleasurable act and women have it to either have kids or to "serve" their partners. 

Added to that, even though female pleasure is discussed, the way women's bodies worked are not well-documented. 

Urologist Professor Helen O’Connell and Professor Caroline de Costa expressed their respective concerns. 

Clitoral anatomy remains largely absent from the medical curriculum and medical research, highlighting the male gaze.