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Nine Period Panties You Should Know About

Sheena Joseph | Nov 09 2020
Image credits: Pinterest

Period days are known for making women suspicious of unpredictable spotting and worrying about ruining the bedding. While different types of sanitary napkins, tampons, or even menstrual cups are trying to solve these problems altogether, none has achieved 100% success. This may be due to the uniqueness of each women’s menstrual cycle. However, experts haven’t given up. They have come up with something called period panties which are absorbent underwear. 

Period underwear is meant to replace pads and tampons. These are meant to provide comfort and added protection. The expertly designed menstrual underwear does not feel different to touch. They also breathe easy. There is an additional benefit of sustainability as well. You should never wear one for more than 24 hours. And the first thing to do after taking them off is to run them under cold water until the water runs clear. Once the gusset is clear of blood, you can wash them along with the rest of your clothes.

However, this is a new concept and you may need help in understanding it. The X-factor of period underwear is that you have many styles to choose from. Here are some of the most recommended ones.

1) Thinx

Image credits: Thinx

Thinx is one of the first brands to develop period underwear. Many of their designs come in organic cotton. Customers have reported that Thinx period underwear can hold the same amount of blood as a tampon. It also offers full coverage and aesthetics. You can find them in various designs including high waist and thongs. The stretch, breathable fabric offers comfort. If you are someone who uses more than one tampon, you may want to choose it on a light flow day. The brand has over 1.3 million customers.

2) Knix

Image credits: Knix

Knix is designed for heavy flow days. It can hold the same amount of blood that four tampons hold. Since it is designed like shorts, it is especially suitable for those who are prone to chafing. They are also known for prompting a comfortable night's sleep. The founder of the brand, Joanna Griffith started developing a leak-resistant underwear after her childbirth. Most customers wear them on the first day or the day with the heaviest flow. They are ideal for a busy lifestyle.

3) Dear Kate

Image credits: Dear Kate

Dear Kate's Ada Brief is known for providing extra protection to the crotch and keeping it dry. It can hold the same amount of blood as two regular tampons. It also offers full coverage and moisture-wicking. Three layers of breathable fabric make it leak resistant without plastic or films. If you are used to working out (walking or doing yoga) during your period days, Ada Brief is a good choice because it is designed to absorb sweat.

4) Aisle

Image credits: Aisle

Aisle is known for building a community around its feminine products including period underwear. Their Lunapads Selene Lacy Brief is one of the most popular choices. They are high-waisted and have a lace band on the waist. They are made with organic cotton for comfort and breathability. Lunapads are suitable for light flow days. They are also suitable for women who experience a leaky bladder. It is one of the reasons they are designed to be completely leak-proof.

Aisle also has a model called The Hipster which is meant for heavy flow days. It can hold the same amount of blood as four tampons. It also comes with an absorbency booster for the extra-heavy flow days. They are popular among customers for lasting longer. The brand has been preaching sustainability and inclusivity since 1993.

5) Anigan

Image credits: Anigan

Anigan is another brand that has designed seamless boyshorts as period underwear. It is known for being stain-free with an inner lining on the front and back. This ensures that blood will not come in contact with your other clothes no matter what. This is best suited for women with demanding hours who cannot take bathroom breaks every now and then to check on stains. The soft and stretchy fabrics will avoid itches or irritations or allergies. If you have suffered from skin allergies from sanitary napkins, Anigan stain-free boy shorts might be your saviour.

6) ModiBodi

Image credits: ModiBodi

Lingerie is an important part of women's wardrobe as it imparts not only comfort but confidence as well. If you want to feel sensual during the period days as well, ModiBodi can help you. Their sensual hi-waist bikini is known for being a sweat-proof swimwear. Founder of the brand Kristi designed them after experiencing bladder leaks after childbirth. Despite the impression its lacey appearance gives, this bikini is for heavy flow days and overnight protection. It can hold the same amount of blood as 3-4 tampons. 

7) PantiePads

As the name suggests, the PantiePads acts like regular pads. They can be disposed of after using it. If you are not a fan of reusing the underwear after going through a period, then PantiePads is for you. They have built-in fabric pads that can last up to 12 hours. They also come with sealed, disposable bags that will provide you a safe way to get rid of the period underwear. They are also comfortable and completely leak proof.

8) Bambody

Image credits: Bambody

Bambody is a small team of experts trying to create affordable yet high-quality period underwear. They have a range of lingerie suitable for period days including sporty briefs to leakproof lacy bikinis. The team has also designed some options for maternity. They are made of bamboo and spandex. You can wear them during a workout or a full night's sleep. There are different styles available for heavy flow days and light flow days. They feel soft and do not look bulky.

9) Yoyi

Image credits: Yoyi

Yoyi is another brand relying on bamboo and spandex to make soft, breathable, moisture-wicking period underwears that will make women happy. This is one of the most affordable options out there. They are also available in multi-packs. The wide crotch is specifically designed to prevent leakage. They also come with full coverage in the front and back.