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Understanding Warning Signs Of PTSD And Treatment

BP World Bureau | Oct 15 2020
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PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder experienced by those who underwent trauma, intense stress due to a significant physical or psychological event that affected them in a disturbing or violent way. Sudden traumatic events cause acute stress response of varying degree.

PTSD is experienced by those who faced an accident that was life-threatening, experienced a deadly disease, faced domestic violence, sexual assault, or war.

Women who faced sexual assault tend to suffer from PTSD for years after the incident.

Men and women who have witnessed or been part of war tend to suffer from the same. 

Symptoms include flashbacks or recurrent, involuntary, intrusive, and distressing memories of the event.

The tendency to avoid places that remind them of those memories. 

Constant experience of fear or guilt along with behavioural changes like irritability, angry outbursts, recklessness, or hypervigilance.

PTSD can be treated through counselling, medication, and behavioural therapy.