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Symptoms That Indicate You Have Vitamin A Deficiency

BP World Bureau | Jun 10 2021
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Vitamin A helps us in regulating many of our bodily functions such as vision, immune system, reproductive health, and skin care. It can be found in dairy products and eggs and is also made by the body when consuming vegetables such as spinach and tomatoes. A deficiency in this vitamin leads to liver disorders, acute diarrhoea, inadequate fat absorption and affects our immunity.

Some signs of a Vitamin A deficiency are:

1 Dry eyes or the inability to produce tears which can lead to blindness or dying corneas.

2 Dry, itchy skin and breakout of acne. These skin problems can lead to skin issues like eczema.

3 Reproductive problems such as having problems conceiving.

4 Stunted growth which is a result of improper development of the body.

5 Infections in the chest and throat

6 Longer time taken for healing wounds