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Things Women And Girls Should Keep In Mind About Sexual Health

BP World Bureau | Feb 20 2021
Image credits: pinterest

Sexual health is something girls and women need to take care of because it is a sensitive issue. Here are the things women and girls should keep in their minds. 

Be careful while shaving hair from the genitals because it is a very sensitive area. It is better to avoid doing it as long as it doesn't cause any discomfort. 

If you develop rashes, reddishness or any other symptoms then do not use the material used earlier to shave the genital hair. 

Do not use scented soaps to wash genitals as it can change the pH levels. 

Avoid synthetic undergarments or clothes that may cause sweating there, keep the area dry. 

Change the sanitary napkins, every 4-5 hours for sexual health. 

To avoid fungal infections, avoid too much sugar in your diet.