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Obvious Signs That Indicate Your Weak Immune System

BP World Bureau | Feb 15 2021
Image credits: Twitter

Human body has a natural defense against antigens or infections in the form of its immune system. 

The immune system in the human body consists of white blood cells (WBCs), lymph nodes, and antibodies.

The possible signs of a weak immune system include high-stress level.

High-stress level decreases the effectiveness of the immune system, as the number of white blood cells (WBCs) and lymphocytes also decreases. 

Stress levels can also lead to exhaustion of your body and fatigue.

You might experience frequent infections in a year. You might be more prone to illnesses like cough or cold. 

Low immune power also results in physical issues such as vasculitis (inflammation in the blood vessels due to an autoimmune disorder), joint pain, etc. 

Because the majority of the immune system is present in the digestive tract, slow immune system causes constipation, acidity, gas, diarrhea and other gut problems.