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What Is Cyberbullying And How Does It Affect Is?

BP World Bureau | Jul 15 2021
Image credits: Twitter

Cyberbullying is a form of harassment that happens through online media and is a fastly spreading problem. Everyone has experiences of cyberbullying, from teenagers to celebrities and at times it can affect one’s mental health. 

Cyberbullying can cause depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The victim may feel anxious, lose interest in activities and their sleeping and eating patterns go wrong.  It can also reduce one’s self-esteem and form a negative image of themselves due to the trauma, and have problems making decisions regarding daily life. Cyberbullying also leads to suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self-harm.  

There are also certain ways you can deal with cyberbullying, such as talking to your loved ones and taking legal action to block the perpetrator.  It is important to take care of our mental health and stand up to cyberbullying.