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World Suicide Prevention Day: Everything To Know

BP World Bureau | Sep 10 2020
Image credits: BP creatives

Suicide is the process of a person killing oneself and it is one of the leading causes of death across the world. As per several reports, one in sixty persons is affected by suicide, directly or indirectly, mostly, people below 40 years.

Typology of suicides according to Durkheim’s social theory include:

Altruistic suicide is when a person sacrifices him/her self for a greater cause such as the self-immolation of a protestor or controversial forms like suicide bombing.

Egoistic suicide: a person kills oneself due to social isolation or loneliness. 

Anomic suicide: happens due to change in the socio-economic situation, including academic, occupational, romantic, interpersonal relationships, etc. leading to intense stress, self-destructive behaviour, and eventually, suicide. 

Fatalistic suicide: a person kills themself due to tight situations like debt, blackmail, domestic violence, or dowry deaths. 

People who are suicidal tend to exhibit self-destructive and withdrawal. They should be given adequate counselling and therapy.