Eight Travel YouTubers You Should Follow to Get Inspired

Sheena Joseph | Sep 29 2021
Image credits: Unsplash

We all have been cooped up in our homes for a really long time. Most people are experiencing a stagnant phase in life for the first time. It is absolutely normal for you to feel stressed and frustrated. Since the pandemic is not something one person can control, you can focus on your well-being. 

Conscious consumption of content is one of the ways to do it. Watching billionaires celebrate their child’s birthday with a ridiculously expensive theme party is not conscious or healthy. But if you want to watch some travel-related content to vicariously live through them, no one will blame you. 

Instagram is a black hole and you will be bombarded with reel after reel. Before you know it, you have wasted an entire day. YouTube gives you a little more control over what you want to watch. It is also home to long-form content where travel vloggers share their adventures (or a laid-back holiday). Here are some of the most popular and interesting travel YouTubers you should check out.

1) Eva Zu Beck

Image credit: Instagram

Eva Zu Beck is a Polish travel vlogger known for exploring places that are not known to the world. If you are curious about the nomadic people of Iran or residents of Kosovo mountain village, Eva is the person to bring the news to you. She often lives with local families for months before telling their stories. A couple of years ago, she lived in Pakistan for a year to host TRT World's show 'A Place Called Pakistan'. She brought a different, pleasant, and beautiful side of Pakistan to the world. She is travelling across Europe now and is hosting a show 'Meet The Balkans' for Euronews.

2) Kritika Goel

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If you want travel vlogs from Mahabalipuram or Gangtok, Kritika Goel is your girl. She quit her corporate job about four years ago and decided to see the world. Being India's one of the most popular travel YouTubers, Kritika is known to find precious experiences in the nook and cranny of the country. Her North East India series brought out the beauty of villages and cities alike. Some of her best videos are trekking in Vellore and Meghalaya's sacred forest. She has also ventured out of India. You can find her vlogs in Dubai, Thailand, Czech Republic, and Iceland as well. 

3) Fearless and Far

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Mike Corey used to be a biologist. Now,  he is a professional adventurer and runs his YouTube channel 'Fearless and Far'. His first picks are tribes alien to the mainstream world and trying foods a lot of people stay away from. He is also an expert at finding and exploring abandoned creepy properties. About nine months ago, he found a ghost town of abandoned Disney castles in Turkey. Before that, he ventured into an abandoned mausoleum in Romania. His interest in tribes has taken him to the Berbers tribe in North Africa, the Luguru tribe in Tanzania, and the Santal tribe in Bangladesh.

4) The Food Ranger

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Trevor James is more popular among foodies than explorers. His YouTube channel 'The Food Ranger' is home to tours on street food and local food from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, and Turkey. He has been living in Sichuan China for a while now. And he loves to experience the local culture wherever he goes. Some of the must-watch videos on The Food Ranger are a giant meat bucket in Uzbekistan, fire dumplings, street food in Balochistan, and a Ramen tour in Tokyo. Trevor also reveals the behind-the-scenes with videos like the saffron bank in Iran. His videos are mostly from Asia and Eurasia.

5) Kristen and Siya

Image credit: YouTube

Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi are adventurers that make travelling with family look easy. Their journey started back in 2010 with the blog - 'Hopscotch The Globe'. Kristen started the blog to record experiences with a 10-month long journey around the world. The couple now travels with their 2-year-old daughter Kai and their dog Atlas. Watching their California RV road trip series is a good place to start with their YouTube channel 'Kristen & Siya'. If you have a soft spot for vintage airstreams, this channel will make you very happy as Kristen and Siya have been living in one. Some of their notable destinations are Canada, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Jamaica.

6) Sorelle Amore

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Sorelle Amore is an Australian photographer who moved to Iceland five years ago. She started travelling the world in 2016 and sharing her experiences on her YouTube channel 'Sorelle Amore'. She is an avid advocate of digital nomad lifestyle and ethical investing. She has been to over 50 countries but her recent videos speak a lot of Iceland. If you want to see the new volcanoes of Iceland or how Icelanders grow cherries, Sorelle is your girl. She also took a trip across Iceland in a van. Having found success as a photographer, she often shares tips on editing and self-portraits.

7) Sailing la Vagabonde

Image credit: YouTube

When Australian video bloggers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu started learning to sail, they had no clue they will sail over 90,000 nautical miles across many oceans or that they will accompany teen climate activist Greta Thunberg one day. The couple started documenting their journeys on their YouTube channel 'Sailing La Vagabonde' 2014. If you want to look at different travel experiences and are interested in seafaring vlogs, Sailing La Vagabonde is your pick. The couple recently had a baby and is sailing with the child. Beautiful islands and boat life are the channel's popular vlogs.

8) Brad & Hailey 

Image credit: Instagram

Brad and Hailey Devine travel with their two girls Lucy and Greta. The couple hopes to inspire more families to travel and doesn't hold back in sharing tips. Some of their most popular videos were made in Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand, and the Faroe Islands. The Devines are the perfect source of inspiration if you want to take a trip to the far ends of the world as a family. Their family expedition to Zambia in 2018 is still worth watching.