10 Instagram Accounts to Up Your Indian Ethnic Fashion Game

Sheena Joseph | Apr 16 2021
Image credits: Unsplash

When veteran Parisian fashion editor Marie Lichtenberg put an end to her magazine career, her goal was to start a jewelry collection. Even though the collection was rooted in her Creole heritage, the colourful thread pieces in the collection were inspired by her love for India. New Yorker Jesse Marlo Lazowski once came to India to work with local artisans. She was driven by her love for an inherited brooch. The result was a collection of modern talismans.

So, what have we learnt?

India has been a source of fashion inspiration for the West for quite some time now. And let's not forget that time when Audrey Hepburn chose to wear a saree. Even though saree is not the choice of everyday wear for most millennials, Indian ethnic wear is incredibly fashionable. And the best part is that 20-somethings do not have to worry about the latest collection of Raw Mango or Sabyasachi, or even Ritu Kumar to step out as a fashionista. 

You can take a look at Instagram and find an outfit that is pocket-friendly and unique. Here are some of the Instagram accounts that will help you spruce up your Indian ethnic fashion game.

1) Masoom Minawala Mehta

Image credit: Instagram

Masoom Minawala Mehta is probably the most popular Indian fashion influencer. She is one of the first to hop on the content creator wagon when Instagram created a platform for fashionistas. Masoom has one million followers on Instagram to prove her expertise in all things fashion. After starting as a fashion blogger, her focus has been supporting Indian designers. Masoom lives in Europe, but that hasn't stopped her from wearing extravagant Indian outfits. Many love her sharara looks, comfortable partywear, and statement jewelry.

2) Neha Sharma

Image credit: Instagram

Neha Sharma is known as ‘the style wali’ to her followers. She has 158K fans who are happy to receive tips on sustainable Indian wear from her. Neha is often seen wearing salwars, simple kurtas, and traditional sarees as well. If you are one to love an Indian outfit that grabs eyeballs but isn't too loud, Neha's Instagram page will have an answer for you. Coming from a family of textile industrialists, she understands what is sustainable and does not hesitate to preach it.

3) Mamta Sharma Das

Image credit: Instagram

Are you a bohemian girl who cannot be happy with neutrals and pastels? Mamta Sharma Das' account will not only make you happy but stylish too. Her bio reads: "Living it in colour since 1986". She has 120K followers at the moment and is partial to casual wear. She also uses the platform to promote body positivity and talks about body shaming experienced in the past.

4) Sumitra Selvaraj

Image credit: Instagram

Sumitra Selvaraj is a writer living in Malaysia. She has a story attached to every picture and every saree. Her 69K followers love her for not only the vintage sarees but her ability to give them personality as well. She is partial to handloom sarees. Sumitra often shares details of the purchase with her followers, so that they can reach out to the same seller.

5) Padmavati Dua

Image credit: Instagram

In an ocean of youngsters and cute pets, Dr. Padmavati Dua (Chinna Dua to her fans) is a 50+ woman claiming her much-deserved space. With 38.7K followers, the medical doctor-turned vlogger doesn't shy away from anything including bindi art. She is often seen wearing handloom sarees and singing her heart out. Followers can also count on her to share old photographs of herself too.

6) Seema

Image credit: Instagram

If you love saree, but do not love how it is worn, then Seema's Instagram page is your solution. She never shies away from different types of drapes and experimenting with accessories. Her 14.8K followers love when she pairs a silk saree with a white shirt. They also love it when she pairs a handloom cotton saree with an equally stylish long shrug. Her long captions about fabrics or something random as the definition of 'they' are worthwhile.

7) Sonya

Image credit: Instagram

Sonya is a fan of big prints and festive looks. She often shares the specifics of the nine yards and the accessories they paired it with. Her 31.4K followers appreciate it when she talks about the region from where the saree is sourced and the prints. Not afraid of experimenting, she recently paired a saree with a Naga shawl and a black leather jacket. Appropriate to the weather of the UK, she was earlier seen in a blue Kashmiri soft silk saree paired with black boots and a violet sweater as well.

8) Shayoni Mukherjee

Image credit: Instagram

Shayoni Mukherjee is an expert at coming up with blouses that do not adhere to your usual style. 'Common' is not a word to describe her Instagram page. With 21.9 followers, she is definitely doing the pairing with sarees right. She is also known to love mural prints. She once wrote that street styling of the six yards is her jam and went on to wear a red saree with dramatic angel sleeves.

9) Ankita Katuri

Image credit: Instagram

Ankita Katuri is the mistress of silver jewelry and white attires. We rarely see her in something that is not white. She has never hesitated to repeat a dress. Her 201K followers have seen white embroidered kurta a hundred times. But, that has only increased her relevance and appeal on her page. Silver jewelry is the focus of kitakaturi. If you are new to the world of silver jewelry, you will find the most reliable recommendations in terms of styling, brands, and different budgets on Ankita's page.

10) Suta Bombay

Image credit: Instagram

Suta Bombay is the only brand to make it to the list and there is a unique reason - ruffles and pom-poms. Their Instagram page has 380K followers at the moment. And they all love the magic of their simple designs elevated by the playfulness of ruffles and pom-poms. Suta Bombay sarees do not like to take up a lot of space or make noise. They look like everyday sarees but with a special touch, millennials have come to love.