9 Job Skills You Need to Acquire to Survive In the Post-Pandemic Era

Sheena Joseph | Nov 25 2020
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There is no telling how exactly the world will be once the coronavirus is tamed. One thing is certain, it will be different. One of the spaces with the most chance to change is the workplaces. A lot of companies are realising how efficient working from home is. While the vaccine for coronavirus is still in the distant future, the world better gets used to the new work style. However, you may have noticed the need for some special skills to shine bright in these new conditions. Here are some of the job skills you will need to survive the post-pandemic world.

1) Adaptability and Flexibility

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We all know that the way companies operate has changed. And some of those changes are here to stay. The chances of management learning from these changes to design a new system are also high. Two of the most important skills you need to have is adaptability and flexibility. Being uncomfortable with the changes and whining over the old system will not help you. You should at least get on with the programme. The better move will be to enjoy it, contribute to it, and make the best of it.

2) Tech Savviness

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Technology skills are a must in the post-pandemic world. You may have noticed how many new tech skills you have picked up in the past eight months. It can be as simple as participating in a Zoom call or as big as analysing the data dump your team sent you. You will have to learn to use technology to your advantage and it includes managing every part of the work digitally. To make things easier, research tech tools related to your work and master as many as you can. You may also find yourself in a situation where you need to suggest a new tool for your team.

3) Creativity

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The importance of creativity is becoming more and more clear to everyone. Innovative solutions are what helped the world to maintain some version of normalcy and to overcome the crisis. At the beginning of the pandemic, the healthcare sector faced a serious insufficiency of resources. Even million-dollar fashion houses turned to help the situation and engaged in making face masks and PPE kits. Most businesses around the world had to accept creative solutions to battle the sudden change in the supply chain, and demands. Changing priorities also demand creative solutions.

4) Critical Thinking

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The global economy has gone through some serious damage during the pandemic. Rebuilding the financial sector will be a major goal for most companies. This is where your critical thinking abilities will come in handy. Companies need people who can objectively analyse information that comes from a variety of sources. Your ability to choose the information that is credible enough to be part of the decision-making process will earn you a seat at the table. It will enable you to formulate positive solutions to problems that may arise. This is not a hard skill to develop for those who have been previously good at problem-solving.

5) Leadership and Communication Skills

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Collaboration has become a top priority in the pandemic era. And every team needs a professional with strong leadership skills. A leader not only steers the team towards success but inspires and encourages the betterment of each member. Communication skills are the most-needed quality in a leader. Even if you are not the designated team leader, communication skills and taking initiative will make you a key member of the organisation. If your company is choosing a remote work system, these skills are even more crucial because it may be harder to coordinate. The patience and empathy required to make teamwork well are crucial in a team leader.

6) Emotional Intelligence

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Challenging times call for more than getting tasks done. Emotional intelligence is crucial for the morale of the team. Emotional intelligence involves the ability to be aware of and express and controls your own emotions. This will help you to keep calm and deal with unexpected and difficult situations. This will also help you to understand your coworkers and be empathetic to them. You will be able to act accordingly and help others get through difficult phases at work. People with high emotional intelligence often make good leaders and are liked by coworkers.

7) Learning Abilities

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Advancing in your career is closely associated with learning. Your ability to learn new things may turn out to be your biggest strength. It could be about learning new software or learning the responsibilities of a new role. Experts are predicting that 35% of job skills deemed essential today is likely to dramatically change in the next five years. People who are comfortable with learning new things are most likely to remain relevant in the post-pandemic era. Professionals with high adaptability and curiosity to learn more have higher chances of shining in a tight job market.

8) Judgment and Complex Decision-Making

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Decision-making and problem-solving are two of the most wanted skills in every employee. You should be able to identify key factors that will influence the outcome of a decision. Evaluating options and establishing priorities are part of the process. You should also be good at anticipating outcomes and logical consequences. Crisis management may not be part of your everyday routine. But it can certainly be a valuable skill set. Judging and analysing a situation to come up with a quick and efficient recovery is an attractive skill in front of an interview panel.

9) Cultural Intelligence and Diversity

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Organisations are more diverse than ever and you need to be sensitive to people of every religion, race, age, gender, and sexual orientation. This is especially important if you are aiming to be part of an MNC. Being respectful of people who are different from you is only the beginning. You must learn to work with them productively and let go of prejudices. While it may sound easy and is an easy task, if you are someone who grew up believing stereotypes, you should start unlearning them. MNCs are always looking for people who will cultivate a healthy and productive environment.