Tips to Organise Your Home as A Calm and Happy Space

Sheena Joseph | Sep 14 2020
Image credits: Pixabay

Home organisation is a tricky affair because sometimes you end up buying more things in an attempt to organise the thing you already have. The key to organising and maintaining your home is to be clever and personalise the tips you see online. 

KonMari has gained popularity in the past few years and it works beautifully. But you can take it a step ahead by being creative and personalising home organisation, especially if you live in a smaller space. 

It is easier to organise your wardrobe, jewellery, shoes, and accessories because tons of products are available on the market designed for them. However, organising products may not always serve the purpose in the garage, kitchen, and miscellaneous items like bags or paper.

No matter where you live, you have the right to a calm and happy space. Designing that space is more fun if you are up for a DIY project. 

1) Hang the pans and mugs

Image credits: Pixabay

The kitchen tends to be a cluttered area of the house but it cannot go on to be so because you use it every day. You may need to quickly pick up utensils and ingredients while cooking. Not finding them easily or not being able to pick them up quickly can be annoying. 

One way to solve this problem is to hang the pans, mugs, spoons, and every other possible utensil. This will help you see them and pick them up. Since these will be up against the wall, you will get extra space in the cabinet too. 

If you do not have the facility to hang the pans, you can either buy hooks or get your carpenter to make one for you. If you are inclined to make them yourself, all you need is a wooden board and hooks and nails.

2) Magazine rack to the rescue

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A magazine rack is different from a magazine holder. While a magazine holder is suitable for organising papers, magazines, files, and maybe even books, a magazine rack is longer and can accommodate a lot more. 

Whenever you buy or custom-make a magazine rack, make sure that it is long with spacious shelves. You can label the shelves in order to identify what goes where. 

You can, obviously, store anything paper in there. Apart from that, it is a great place for reusable cloth bags and paper bags. Some of your stationery items like sticky notes, highlighters, pens, pencils, and markers can also go here. 

The possibilities with magazine rack do not end here. You can also use it to store your hard discs, headsets, pen drive, laptop charger, and Bluetooth speaker on the magazine rack. Make sure you keep it closer to the wall and your table for the best space management.

3) DIY over the door shoe organiser

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Shoe organisers can save a lot of space. You can hang them behind a door or just on a wall and they will stay out of your way forever. Shoes are not the only accessories you can store in an over the door shoe organiser. 

If you are up for a DIY project, make an over the door shoe organiser with the fabric you no longer use. The main benefit of this project is that you can design a shoe organiser that is customised as per your requirement. You can make them stronger to accommodate heavier things like books and bigger to accommodate things like a paint palette. 

You can store jewellery, scarves, socks, shoes, hats, gloves, undergarments, etc. here. You can hang the shoe organiser inside the wardrobe as well to save space.

4) Board and hooks for garage

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Garages are hard to organise as every miscellaneous item you do not need on a daily basis ends up there. This makes finding tools when you need them difficult. You can solve this problem with a simple board with hooks. Every tool you own shall be put on display. And tools that are not fitting in on a board, hang them on hooks. The rest of the garage could use baskets and labels.

5) Hangers and shower hooks for closet

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The closet is probably the most crowded storage area. You need every inch you can save. Hangers are a great way to save space. But adding shower hooks to hangers will give you more space to store belts, scarves, and ties. You can also get hangers with multiple tiers to hang pants, jeans, skirts, and t-shirts. Rolling the sweater instead of folding them also saves space.

6) Get creative for handbags

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Handbags are not easy to store. They take up a lot of space, especially if you are a fan of tote bags. You need to get creative and experiment with the space you have. Resorting to just one method will not be effective. 

You can store clutches and purses on the magazine rack or a drawer. Canvas totes and other not-bulky bags can be hung on a hook. Sling bags can also be organised with the help of a hanger. However, it is not so easy with bulkier bags. They often require cabinet space. You can try the 'bag-in-the-bag' method to save space. In this, you will be putting the smaller bags inside the bigger bags.

You can also try to hang them all in a coat hanger, although it will make your house look like a storeroom.

7) Hanging tiered baskets for kitchen

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The more organised your kitchen is better. Hanging tiered baskets can truly be a blessing in smaller kitchens. If your spice cabinet is small, keep a tiered basket in there and keep spice and condiment jars on them. This will help you utilise the height of the cabinet and make handling the spices easier.

You can apply the same method to staple ingredients and vegetables as well. You can choose an empty corner of the kitchen to hang the baskets. It is okay to have more than one such basket as per your requirement. Everything in the kitchen should be kept closer to the wall which will leave you space to work.