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Eight Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Sheena Joseph | Feb 14 2020
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Not everyone wants to go out on Valentine's day. If you are someone who prefers to stay at home and cuddle your partner, there are plenty of romantic movies made across the world that can work magic. But those who are not movie buffs may reach out for DDLJ and Aashiqui 2. Here are a bunch of love stories that can warm your heart from all across the world.

1. Call Me By Your Name


'Call Me By Your Name' is one of the most popular coming-of-age romantic drama films made in Hollywood. It also marked the rise of young actor Timothee Chalamet. Luca Guadagnino made the movie based on the novel by Andre Aciman. The story of Elio and Oliver is set in a small town in Northern Italy. The movie has the charm of the year 1983 as well. The movie became popular among audiences of all sexual orientations for celebrating love and the sense of cheerful enjoyment of life.

2. Before Sunrise


'Before Sunrise' is the first in the 'before trilogy' by filmmaker Richard Linklater. It has a minimalist plot where Jesse and Celine spend a whole night walking around a foreign city and getting to know each other. Linklater made the movie as a tribute to a woman he met. He even hired a female writer - Kim Krizan to do justice to Celine's character. It is a classic encounter made extraordinary with dialogues. If you are in the early days of your relationship, ‘Before Sunrise’ is a must-watch.

3. The Holiday

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If you are a woman who has had trouble finding the right partner or letting go of a past love, 'The Holiday' is the right movie for you. The story follows two very different women - Amanda and Iris who travels halfway across the world to get over recent heartbreaks but ends up finding the love of their lives. What could be more romantic on valentine's day? Even though the movie’s plot was criticised for being predictable, it was praised for the successful search of gumption of the characters.

4. The Sense Of Wonder


'The Sense of Wonder' is a French romantic movie that follows a widow with two children. It is one of those 'feel-good' movies in which the woman finds the new phase of her life with the entry of a stranger. The plot revolves around two people helping each other and finding purpose along the way.

5. Moulin Rouge


Moulin Rouge is a classic French film about a poet falling in love with a cabaret actress. It is a musical that was inspired by a Bollywood movie that director Luhrmann watched while visiting India. He was fascinated with how music and dance diminished the boundaries of language. If you and your partner love music or enjoy theatre, Moulin Rouge is your movie. It will give you plenty of opportunities to sympathise with the characters and cheer for them.

6. Norwegian Wood


Norwegian Wood is a Japanese movie inspired by the novel by Haruki Murakami. The story is set in the 1960s and follows a young man dealing with the loss of his best friend. The movie is about choosing between the past and future while navigating through the world of depression and love at the same time.  

7. Lunchbox


Lunchbox is considered to be one of the most popular offbeat movies of Bollywood. It follows the story of a middle-aged widower and a woman trapped in a loveless marriage. The dabbawalas of Mumbai also played a key character in the movie. Film critic Rajeev Masand said that it is a great love story that makes you root for the protagonists to come together despite their destinies. Lunchbox is a heartwarming tale with not many plot twists.

8. Barfi

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Barfi is a comedy-drama which was marketed as the 'perfect love story of two imperfect people'. It is one of those movies that make you believe in happily ever after. Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor played an autistic girl and mute boy respectively and the movie ended up being nominated for Academy Awards. The movie doesn’t make you feel sympathetic for two people with disabilities but jealous of the love they have.