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Nine Regional OTT Platforms to Enrich Your Leisure Hours

Sheena Joseph | Jun 16 2021
Image credits: Unsplash

OTT platforms have been soaring high since the beginning of the pandemic as most people have been on a content consumption spree. While most people choose Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar to stream movies and shows, they are not the only ones in the game. There are many regional OTT platforms that offer much better regional content. These platforms are gaining all across the country as people are surpassing language barriers to watch good quality content. Here are some such regional OTT platforms.

1) Koode

Image credit: YouTube

Studio Mojo launched the Malayalam OTT platform Koode in December 2020. Kerala's first independent Malayalam OTT platform is meant to help Malayalis around the world to discover content from the homeland. Founder and CEO Radhakrishnan Ramachandran said that his goal is to share 'like-attracting' content by building a network of leading content creators and influencers. Koode has original web series, movies, and content curated from YouTube. Some of the categories on the streaming platform are food, travel and lifestyle, comedy, music, podcasts, and short films. The app is free at the moment but will have a pay-per-view model soon.

2) Hoichoi

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Hoichoi is a Bengali streaming platform with a wide range of movies and shows. Every title comes with English subtitles. Launched in September 2017, the platform has everything from classics starring Suchitra Sen and movies directed by Satyajit Ray to underrated contemporary films and new releases. The platform has over 500 films including content for children, short films, and originals. If you are a fan of Bengali music, you can also stream over 1000 songs globally. Some of the classic shows like Byomkesh, Manbhanjan, The Stoneman Murders, Shei Je Holud Pakhi, and Dhaka Metro are also on the show. You can choose a yearly plan for Rs 599 in which you can stream on one device. The plan for Rs 899 will allow you to screen on two devices.

3) Aha

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Aha is a Telugu OTT platform launched in March 2020 by actor Allu Arjun's father Allu Aravind’s Geeta Arts. The initiative is aimed at providing high-quality content to Telugu-speaking audiences and streams around 20 original web series along with movies. A talk show called Sam Jam hosted by Samantha Akkineni is also streaming on the platform. Aha has plans to release over 50 original shows in 2021. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many movies scheduled for theatrical releases have opted to premiere on Aha. The streaming platform also acquired many projects to release as original content. You can subscribe to a 3-months plan for Rs 149 or an annual plan for Rs 399.

4) Regal Talkies

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Regal Talkies is a Tamil OTT platform. Described as a virtual theatre app, it is launched by producer CV Kumar to provide a platform for new filmmakers. The website itself has a feature that allows new directors to submit their films. Founded in 2012, Regal Talkies can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The app follows a pay-per-view model and helps filmmakers to monetise their content. Some of the hit projects streaming on Regal Talkies are Miruna, Thadayam, Informal Hit, OKS, and Legaa.

5) Planet Marathi 

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This streaming platform is the product of Marathi film production house 'Planet Marathi'. It was launched in 2020 to ensure that Marathi-language content is accessible to movie buffs around the world. Planet Marathi has films, food shows, educational programmes, and web series. The platform may soon have a 'first-day first show' feature as well. The audience will be paying a one-time fee for watching movies. It also has digital shows exploring arts, culture, politics, society, and governance in collaboration with various celebrities from different fields.

6) CityShor.TV

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CityShor.TV is a Gujarati OTT platform launched in October 2020. Its library features web series, movies, and short films. Viewers can find original and curated content in Gujarati. Like other regional OTT platforms, CityShot TV was also launched to fill the vernacular gap in the industry. Co-founder Pallav Parikh said that the Gujarati market is not as developed as other languages in India. But in seven years, the urban Gujarati industry has grown a lot and there is a huge demand. CityShor TV is known for its urbane, youth-centric content. You can either sign up for a month by paying Rs 100 or take a yearly membership by paying Rs 300.

7) Talkies

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Talkies has taken the focus on vernacular content one step further and features content in not only Kannada but Tulu, Beary, and Konkani as well. The streaming service has carved a unique space by streaming Yakshagana along with movies, web series, and TV shows. Yakshagana is the traditional theatre play in Karnataka 

Tulu is one of the endangered languages with only 1.7 million native speakers concentrated in the two coastal districts - Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. Similarly, Konkani is spoken by smaller communities in Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka. However, it's Beary that takes the cake. It is spoken by Muslim communities in North Kerala and Karnataka. There are only 1.5 million native speakers. You can subscribe for three months by paying Rs 199.

8) Aao Nxt

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Aao Nxt is an Odia OTT platform designed for people across the world struggling to access content in their mother tongue. A few days ago, a feature film "Kokoli – fish out of water" was released on Aao Nxt. The movie shows the displacement of the fishermen community due to soil erosion in coastal Odisha, and it is aimed at educating people about the real problems caused by climate change. The platform streams movies, web series, and music. You can choose from two plans - Rs 120 for six months days or Rs 180 for a year.

9) Reel Drama

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Reel Drama is an exclusive OTT platform for Assamese films, web series, and shows. It was launched in January 2021. Audiences can choose from a mix of old classics, contemporary movies, short films, theatres, comedy, poetry, culinary shows, and spiritual content. There is also a kid's zone dedicated to children with animated films with morals, tales passed down by grandmothers, and masterclasses. You can choose from a quarterly plan for Rs 299 or an annual plan for Rs 990.