How Gardeners Can Manage Their Precious Gardens

BP World Bureau | Sep 10 2021
Image credits: pinterest

It is a great blessing for each person to be able to manage their stress by gardening during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and many are finding ways to make this into a business as well. A plant is like a child. It needs care and love along with food and water. Like children, some are easier to manage but others need extra work.

Here are ways to manage your garden:

  1. Get rid of those pests and bugs by spraying vinegar mixed in water.
  2. For the extra shine of the leaves, add used tea leaves into the pot.
  3. Prepare homemade, nourishing fertiliser with dry leaves, plant waste, and kitchen waste, and also a cup of dried cow dung. Fill up the bucket with water, mix and close the lid, and keep for a month. When using, take a cup of the fertiliser, and mix into double the amount of water, and spray or sprinkle into the pots. 
  4. Get rid of the weeds every alternative day, or every week.
  5. Water the plants regularly, and do not overwater the indoor plants. You can water them every third day.

Spend as much time as possible in your garden. Happy Gardening!