Indians Move To Signal, Telegram After WhatsApp's Policy Change

BP World Bureau | Jan 10 2021
Image credits: BP creatives

Indians have started to opt-out of the communication app WhatsApp, after its new terms and conditions, where users have to consent to share data with Facebook or lose their accounts.

Many people started to use apps such as Signal and Telegram for communication. 

Facebook-owned WhatsApp said that it will now share user data across Facebook, including its other companies;

  1. Facebook Payments Inc 
  2. Facebook Payments International Limited
  3. Onavo, Facebook Technologies
  4. LLC and Facebook Technologies Ireland Limited
  5. WhatsApp Inc. 
  6. WhatsApp Ireland Limited
  7. CrowdTangle

The platform had announced that the new terms and privacy policy take effect on February 8, 2021, and users have until then to accept these updates before that time.