Mitra Helps Indian COVID Patients Talk To Loved Ones

BP World Bureau | Sep 17 2020
Image credits: Twitter

Mitra is a customer-service robot who helps the Coronavirus patients talk to their loved ones from their wards. 

It is equipped with facial recognition technology to help it recall people it has interacted with previously. 

There is a tablet on Mitra's chest that allows the patient to see loved ones, as well as medical staff who are unable to access the wards.

Dr Arun Lakhanpal, Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital in Noida Extension, said that people need to be in touch with the families as the situation can become difficult due to the pandemic. 

Mitra was developed by Bengaluru-based start-up Invento Robotics and it cost the hospital Rs 10 lakh ($13,600).

It also helps in the remote consultations with specialists to reduce their risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.