Two Women Swap Children For Better Health Care Amid COVID In Sikkim

BP World Bureau | Jun 15 2020
Image credits: pinterest

GANGTOK, SIKKIM: Two women swapped their children for better care and prevention of COVID infection, according to the officials from Sikkim.

This occurred when one woman tested negative for COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus disease) but her 27-month-old child tested positive. 

Similarly, another woman tested positive but her six-year-old child tested negative. 

So, the doctors at the STNM Hospital made the arrangements such that the 27-month-old baby's mother will look after the corona-negative child of the other woman for the time being.

This is to ensure that the patients get the best care and prevent further infection. 

At the same time, the six-year-old child's family members have all tested positive and nobody is there to look after the child.

Two mothers chose to switch their children temporarily for better care.