'Signal' Globally Down Due To Influx Of Users, WhatsApp Delays Data Sharing Change

BP World Bureau | Jan 16 2021
Image credits: BP creatives

Communication app Signal is facing an outage globally due to the millions of new users switching in as against WhatsApp new privacy policy. The installation of new servers as part of capacity building at a record pace on every single day has led to the outage. 

Users are reporting errors to site status tracker DownDetector.

A huge number of users have been signing on to Signal and the app was downloaded by 17.8 million users over the past seven days.

People are moving away from WhatsApp in droves after it announced a new privacy policy.

Brian Acton co-founded WhatsApp before selling it to Facebook and then he co-founded the Signal Foundation.

WhatsApp postponed a data-sharing change after many people concerned about privacy fled the Facebook-owned messaging service.

The company assured that they will clear up misinformation around privacy and security.