10 Tips To Prepare For School Reopening

Sheena Joseph | May 08 2019
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Summer vacations are nearing to its end and schools are ready to reopen soon. For children, the days playing around and sleeping in late are also over. Getting back to a schedule that requires to spend long hours in the classroom and waking up early to catch the school bus can be hard for children. But, it is only a matter of time before children and parents fall into the rhythm. However, planning ahead a bit will make this process smoother and more efficient. Here are 10 tips to help you in the difficult weeks of school opening.

1. Avoid the Crowd At Shops


You can expect a ruthless crowd in malls and stationery shops on the days close to school reopening. Avoiding this mob is way better than trying to fight your way through it. You will already have an idea about the stationary and other supplies your child needs for the new academic year. Pick them before shops are filled with fellow parents. Be sure to avoid plastic bottles and tiffin boxes that are low quality and toxic in nature. The same rule goes for the uniforms as well. The sooner you approach the tailor to stitch new clothes, the better. Be sure to consult the school management to confirm that the uniform is the same as the year before.

2. Back To The Routine

Children are likely to be used to late night screen time and waking up late in the morning during vacations. This habit can cause more trouble than you imagine once schools are open. The child may struggle to go to bed at a reasonable time, and this doesn’t take away the requirement to wake up early. This means that most children do not get enough sleep during the first weeks of the new academic year. Sleeping in the class and not being able to pay attention in the class are not desirable events.


This situation can be avoided by switching to the school days’ schedule two weeks before school reopening date. Encourage the children to go to bed on time and set the morning alarms. Deciding bedtime and setting the morning alarm is not enough. You have to make sure that the children follow through.

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3. Organise The House

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An organised house is the key to a flawless day. Take a day or two to organise the house in a pattern that every member of the house understands. The wardrobe and kitchen are the most important areas. Label the containers in the kitchen, especially in the fridge if your children are too young. Make sure the clothes aren’t a mess. Organise them into different categories. This will help adults and children to find whatever they are looking for without wasting time.

4. The Family Calendar


Once the school year starts, the whole family’s schedule will change. It might be hard to keep track of everything. Making a family calendar will help the family members to coordinate better and follow through the plan. Details like a shopping list and time to pick up children from school will make more sense if you put it on the calendar. You can do it easily on a whiteboard. Be sure to place it where everybody can see it.

5. Plan The Diet



This is the most important responsibility that deserves your attention. It is easy for children to skip meals while running between schools and tuition classes. Not eating on time and not eating the right foods can cause much harm on children’s health. Kids are burning a lot of calories while learning at school and commuting back and forth. A diet plan will help you to keep track of their health. You will not forget to pick up the necessary food items if you already have a diet plan written and stuck to the refrigerator.

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6. Prepare For Monsoon



Children are exposed to rain and cold wind during the initial months of the academic year. The monsoon can bring illnesses such as fever, cold, and cough. Missing classes can cause trouble as the first weeks are very important. You can rectify these situations faster if you are prepared to face them. Consult a paediatrician before school reopens and get basic medications like cough syrups. Brushing up your knowledge on home remedies is also a great idea.

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7. Time To Rehash



Young children might forget basic lessons like numbers and letters. Going back to school without remembering them is not easy. You can help them to remember basic lessons a week before the school reopening. Spending some time reading story books or playing around with numbers will help the children to rehash the lessons.

8. A Lesson On Organisation

Mornings on school days can be tough. You need all hands on deck to get things done on time. You don’t need a better reason to teach your children to be self-sufficient. Start teaching them to do basic tasks like taking the uniform from the wardrobe and put it on. If you help them to practise a week before the reopening date, they will do a much better job in the first week.


Teach them to pack books in the school bag by checking school time table in the first week of the new academic year. In no time, your kids will be doing their part without your help. Encouraging them to lay down the uniforms for the next day and packing the bag at night is also a great idea. This will train them to be more organised in the future too.

9. Set Up A Playdate



Young children might be a little hesitant to go back to school. They might be lazy to wake up early or sit in the class for hours. But, they will not say ‘no’ to playing with their friends. Arranging a playdate with their classmates will do the trick. Having fun with friends will make them feel like they will be doing the same at school. This will make the children excited and enthusiastic about going back to school.

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10. The First Day Talk



You need to pay special attention to children on the first day of the new academic year as the routine and playful atmosphere of summer vacation has gone. Kids should not feel like they are being forced to go to school. It is important that you talk to children before school reopens. Keep talking to them in the first weeks without fail. They must know that they can talk to you about everything all the time. Do not forget to empathise with their struggles of waking up early and eating green veggies.