10 Couples Who Are Taking Instagram By Storm

Sheena Joseph | May 16 2019
Image credits:instagram

Nowadays social media are crammed with creative people and Instagram is not exempt from it. It has become a hub of creativity in the world. Most users share their inspiring lives to influence others. Some decide to take on the world with their beloved partner. After all, two heads are better than one. These couples rose to popularity over the course of time. More or less, they are also popular as celebrities even more than that. People love them because their lives are more relatable than those with luxurious items. Here are 10 must follow couples on Instagram.

1. The Foodie Couple



This might be the cutest foodie account of on Instagram. The page belongs to Michael Zee, and he loves making breakfast special every day. Breakfast is the only meal he gets peacefully enjoy with his boyfriend. The page @symmetrybreakfast is filled with identical plates of food that are carefully styled. While the camera-shy Michael puts out gorgeous plates of food, you will see a lot of Mark in the Instagram stories. Michael Zee has written a book in the same name - ‘SymmetryBreakfast: Cook-Love-Share’. The Instagram page has 778k followers at the moment.

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2. The Long Distance Couple


Long distance relationships can be tough. But, this couple from Seoul, South Korea found a way to celebrate their relationship even living in the different part of the world.  When Shin Danbi moved to New York and left her fiance Li Seok in Seoul, the artist duo came up with the half and half Instagram project to keep their love alive. The page @shinliart features images shot half in New York and half in Korea. The page quickly rose to popularity and has 97.5k followers at the moment.

3. The Globetrotting Couple


SaéRah Stamps belongs to the travelling couple Saloni Chopra and Rahul Bhattacharya. She is an actress, and he is a lawyer. And, it is the same Saloni Chopra who is the loudest and undeterred feminist voice of recent times. Her personal Instagram page is all about empowering women. @saerahstamps is dedicated to the traveller in her and beau Rahul. Their adventures span across Paris, Mumbai, Bali, and Melbourne. The page has 24.1k followers at the moment.

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4. The Senior Citizen Couple



You don’t have to be young to take over the internet. Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki are a Japanese couple in their 60s, and they have been married for over 38 years. This adorable couple took on an interesting project after retirement. And now, wherever they go, Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki will be seen in matching outfits. Their Instagram page is named after their childhood nicknames Bon and Pon. As it turns out, they didn’t have to try too much in order to put together matching outfits. Bon and Pon had always had a similar taste in clothes. The account @bonpon511 has 796k followers at the moment.

5. The Follow-Me-To Couple


This duo popularised the concept of the travelling couple. The hand holding pose in front of the historic monuments and popular spots around the world quickly gained popularity. The couple behind the #followmeto project is Murad and Nataly Osmann. The duo made it to the list of top 3 travel influencers by Forbes. Murad Osmann’s photography skills have made this page a dreamlike one. His Instagram page @muradosmann has 4.2 million followers at the moment. The #FollowMeTo project is also has maintained its popularity. The page has @followmeto 497k followers at the moment. Following Nataly Osmann also won’t disappoint you. Her page @natalyosmann has 1m followers at the moment.

6. The Portrait Clicking Couple



Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik found a unique way to capture each other in their favourite moments. ‘Lens Between us’ is one of the odd and fabulous pages on Instagram. This duo clicks each other images at the same time. They call their Instagram page a visual travel diary. The photographs are always captioned with a description of the place where it was captured. They are seen in galleries, stone streets, bridges, and temples across the world. The page @lensbetweenus has 32.4k followers at the moment.

7. The Happy Travelling Women


Who wouldn’t be happy to travel the world with the love of their life? Roxanne Weijer and Maartje Hensen are doing exactly that. These Dutch women go around the world, click photographs, and write about them. They have been living the digital nomad life since 2017. Their Instagram page ‘Once upon a journey’ is all about refreshing vibes and spreads happiness. @onceuponajrny has 36.6k followers at the moment.

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8. The Wandering Family



There are a lot of travelling couples on Instagram. But, Brie and Reuben roam around with their baby Oliver. This west coast family loves adventures. They follow hiking trails, climb mountains, and explore forests. You will see a lot of glaciers and wilderness on their Instagram page @vancitywild. The baby boy Oliver also makes frequent appearances on their page. The couple has 145k followers at the moment.

9. The Vegetarian Couple



Sonja and Alex Overhiser are a couple you should be watching. They are a writer-photographer duo and posts recipes on their blog 'A Couple Cooks'. The couple is known for their vegan recipes. The couple follows a completely plant-based diet and has published a recipe book named ‘Pretty Simple Cooking’. It was named as the best vegetarian cookbook by Epicurious and Food & Wine. The couple is invested in advocating healthy and sustainable eating to improve our health, communities, and planet. Their Instagram @acouplecooks has 79.5k followers at the moment.

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10. The Fashionable Couple



Sebastian and Espe are one of the most fashionable couples on Instagram. They are always on the move and show you how to be fashionable while travelling. Their content is tailored for both men and women. Their previous career backgrounds (an engineer and a journalist) and ethnicity make their content relatable and relevant for a broader audience. The couple’s Instagram page @twotrends has 482k followers at the moment.

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