10 Unique Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Sheena Joseph | May 28 2021
Image credits: Pinterest

The internet has become all about trends and viral videos. Once someone makes a reel with a popular song on Instagram, you are likely to hear the song at least a million times in the following weeks. A TikTok trend is likely to haunt your screen time for months. Amid the chaos, the internet can become similar to the monotony of life that it claims to save you from. However, there are unique accounts that do not get caught up in the rat race. They are consistent in posting content that does not deviate from their niche. Some are meant for fun and others are informative. And some prove that fun and information can go hand in hand. Here are some such Instagram accounts you should follow.

1) Julia - The German Introvert

Image credit: Instagram

Julia has created a safe space for all introverts - one of the most misunderstood segments of society. Her account The German Introvert is all about self-love, empowerment, and mental health. Most importantly, Julia has been educating people about what it means to be an introvert in a world designed for extroverts. She constantly reaches out to fellow introverts with photographs taken in the woods and reels. She often gets candid about her experiences of growing up as an introvert. She also gives us glimpses into how she has made peace with life, how she enjoys it while having fun (alone), and how beautiful life is once you accept your reality. Julia currently has 17.8K followers.

2) Sherrie - Shroom Momma

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Sherrie is a resident of Michigan, and she has an eye for mushrooms growing in the wilderness. While others may find beauty in flowers and animals, Sherrie is all about mushrooms that grow in various colours and shapes. Her Instagram page Shroom Momma is a revelation, and you cannot help but admire the world of mushrooms. She also shares the first morels of the season. Her routine regularly involves taking a casual walk into the forest nearby and finding beautiful mushrooms hiding in plain sight. Shroom Momma currently has 60.4K followers. 

3) Protima Tiwary - Dumbbells and Drama

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Protima Tiwary is a saviour to freelancers in India. In a country where overworking and low payment are norms, Protima is educating people about healthy work culture and networking for freelancers. She has also founded a company called The Mill which helps freelancers to connect and find work under fair contracts. She is all about normalising healthy work hours and demanding what rightfully belongs to a service provider. Dumbbells and Drama has 24.7K followers at the moment.

4) Camryn Daytona - Bookish You Should Know

Image credit: Unsplash

If you are looking to practice conscious reading, Bookish You Should Know is the perfect place to be. Camryn analyses books, no matter how popular or unpopular they are. She is known for calling out toxic relationships, racist behaviour, and problematic tropes in books. The page thrives on controversy as fans of popular authors often strike back. However, the goal of 'Bookish You Should Know' is to educate people and hold authors accountable for the ideas they choose to spread. Once you go through the posts, you will experience a shift in your perspective and be able to make informed decisions regarding your reading habits. She has 9.1K followers at the moment.

5) Danielle - Sienna and I

Image credit: Instagram

Danielle is a self-taught creative photographer who wants to share her knowledge. Her Instagram page is a space for mother-daughter photos with her child Sienna. You will often see Danielle and Sienna in matching outfits. The happy, positive vibe of the page is only one of the good things here. As most of the images are edited, Danielle often shares how to edit them. If you want to try a hand at editing for Instagram, 'Sienna and I' is the right space. She also did a 30-day reel series in which she taught one editing trick a day. She has 211K followers at the moment.

6) Kika - Kutovakika

Image credit: Instagram

Kika is a Swedish photographer who specialises in concept photography and self-portraits. Her page is a goldmine for ideas. She recently did a 12-week challenge with her followers in which she chose a theme every week and created photos based on it. Kika is also a knitting enthusiast, and you will see her wearing clothes she knitted for herself. Followers adore her cheerful way of talking and useful tips. She also has a YouTube channel and website which will direct you to her photography courses. Kutovakika has 136K followers at the moment.  

7) Taryn Eyton - Happiest Outdoors

Image credit: Instagram

Taryn Eyton the author of 'Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia'. She is an avid hiker and adventure traveller. Her Instagram page Happiest Outdoors is dedicated to backpacking, hiking, and trekking. Most of the posts are about her travelling experiences in Canada, where she lives. She calls herself an average hiker who is good at writing. And promotes the idea that hiking is for everyone. She often shares tips about trail stats (distance and difficulty), driving directions, trail description, gear, tents, and fun facts about the route. Her page currently has 24.5K followers.

8) Jennifer Nini - Eco Warrior Princess

Image credit: Instagram

Jennifer Nini is a writer, activist, and certified organic farm owner. Her Instagram page Eco Warrior Princess is an extension of her blog (of the same name). At a time when the media is struggling to report ethically, Jennifer has taken the time to create a space that looks closer at issues across the world. Some of the topics she covers are environmental issues, conservation, sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, politics, feminism, eco beauty, wellness, green technology. She has built a community of intelligent and analytical people who care about the planet around her platform. Her page has 52.9K followers at the moment.

9) Eva Zu Beck 

Image credit: Instagram

Eva Zu Beck is a solo adventure traveller who specialises in finding places that are off the grid. You will never see her sharing photographs in Rome or New York City or Singapore. She is drawn to mountains. She is also a video creator who shares her work on YouTube. Eva seeks out remote places and unique communities which are not caught in the rat race of the modern world. If you want to learn about villages that are not found on Google Map and languages spoken by less than a thousand people, Eva Zu Beck's page is the right place. Her page has 582K followers at the moment.

10) James Lloyd Cole

Image credit: Instagram

James is a photographer who is obsessed with the charming buildings of the UK. His Instagram page is full of cabins and houses, mostly from the countryside of Britain. He rarely shares photographs from other parts of the world as well. If you want to stare at beautiful images with charming simplicity, James Lloyd Cole's page is the right space. His page currently has 430K followers.