Shobhana: The Journey of an Incredible Artist

BP World Research | Jan 19 2019
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Once an actor tastes the success in movie acting, it’s very difficult for her to divert into anything else irrespective of the talent being elsewhere. The very reason is movies equal glamour, fame, money and limelight.  Very few have shown the courage to divert and pursue something they believe in, even if it doesn’t offer anything close to what the film industry promises.

Shobana that way is a total artist. Even when she was a shining start in the South Indian film galaxy including Mollywood, Tollywood and Tamil films, she placed dance as her first art.

Her Career as a Film Actor

Shobana was introduced to the movies in 1972 as a child artist. Though a South Indian from the state of Kerala, her first movie was the famous Bollywood Amar Prem.

Shobana won national award for her performance in Mitr my friend.

Shobana is not a first generation actress. She has a great family history of acting and has great family fame behind her The legendary Travancore Sisters – Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini who were the heartthrobs in the 1960s Malayalam and Tamil movies were her aunts.

Her real involvement in the movies had started in 1984 where she debuted as a heroine in a Malayalam movie named April 18. She was introduced to the Malayalam audience by Balachandra Menon, a veteran Malayalam moviemaker.

She has acted in more than 200 movies in different languages that include all South Indian as well as Hindi and English movies.

She won National Film Award twice during her so far film career. The first one was for her astounding acting in the movie “Manichithrathazhu’ where she portrays herself as a character that has multiple personality syndrome.  

The second National award was for the Indian-English movie directed by Revathy, another famous actress who turned moviemaker. The movie ‘Mitr, My Friend’ has Shobana as the central character.

Post her first National Award, Shobana had gone very selective about her movies.

Establishing as a Dancer

Shobana started to learn classical dancing at a very young age and her passion mostly was for the South Indian classical dance form ‘Bharatanatyam’. Later she got trained under Chithra Visweswaran, a seasoned Bharatanatyam dancer.

Shobana as a dancer

She continued her dance learning all through her childhood and adulthood. She pursued it even when she was active and busy in movies. After she chose to go slow in movies, Shonana has started her own dance school, Kalarpana.

In the recent past, Shobana would have done very few movies. Most of her time was spent on creating intense dance art where she’s picking up known stories from epics as well as folklores to give it a twist to make it more enjoyable to the audience.

The dance-dramas that she has created fusing both classical and semi-classical styles, such as ‘Maya Ravan’ and ‘Krishna’ has a lot of instances to exhibit her creative talents. What is even more interesting is that they keep receiving a lot of accolades, as it is easily comprehensible whatever are the strata of people.

 Personal Life

Shobana with her daughter.

Shobana, born to Chandrakumar Pillai and Anandam is a native of Trivandrum, Kerala. Unmarried Shobana has adopted a baby girl, Narayani a few years ago.

A total artist that Shobana is, her life can be seen as a sincere dedication to the art.